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Kmox news time is five ten checking the roadways i don't see any problems on the maps as of right now said keep an eye on that for you this morning by the way this is brian kelly in four w monterey tom ackerman alongside tam roger brand is in the house will be check in with him and about oh 40 minutes or so and get the latest on what's happening traffic why but in terms of weather accu weather meteorologist deemed of tells us it's going to be a chilly day with a high of just forty nine it'll be cloudy tonight low forty two and a shower around tonight and then tomorrow cloudy in chile is shower can't be ruled out a high of fifty we're going to stay in the fifties wednesday and thursday high do fifty one thursday's iv d three chilly with some sun at times and then even colder friday with a high of forty two so those warm humid days like we experience yesterday are over it is 45 in st charles forty seven in belleville we have cloudy skies and forty seven degrees downtown at the arch the blues don't play again until tomorrow boy they look good my goodness will hear about them a little bit and the kansas city chiefs and the dallas cowboys went headtohead down in big d will get an update on that as well at five fifteen recently on the shirley zhou half of all employed women say they have now received an unwelcome sexual advance or other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature at work well how about you mature woman and i have been the victim of special at dan did you think of contacting a local a turn any no i didn't i didn't want to tarnish but it like the family shelter and in.

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