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Let's say Hello to the fellas. This even Ryan. Whitney will go to you first hold. He boys. Do we have stuff to talk about. Holy. Fuck is I feel it keep it. Did you see everyone? All right, let's go. Let's go out to our producer my egr Anneli who also has some news. We're going to get. Hello gentlemen. Hello gentleman and boy out out in the dirty desert Paul Bissonnette business Jackie Faulk my amped up. We have been banking, some content, mash bashing interviews right now know where we buy high right now. After these last three days, I love retired guys so much. Oh man, you got some some good throwback, Thursday interviews, and is we got some young bucks to, let's not discount those. We got Austin Matthews coming on soon. I mean, not a big deal. I just I couldn't believe to people are going to be fired up to hear that. He's very laid back. I didn't know what we'd get from young superstar, but he was not up tight at all. So that'll be one people really enjoy listening to. Yeah, it's gonna be gonna, be good stuff. We're going to be dropping shed. Not on. We're going to a week not next week. We got tons of stuff over what Monday, Thursday, Monday, Thursday drops it in business. I full season as I am so pumped. It's he's a call up. Let me start. I'm going to start stuttering. I'm way ahead of myself right now are I know also later this that would bring him back, Eric, Nystrom recurring guest. He's gonna come on, give us off thought since the last time we had him on one time. Many jello, other new father was well yet talking about that a little bit, but boys aren't enough of the pad ourselves in the back, huge fucking news. Since the last time we met tons of news to me. The biggest story happened today. Finally, the trade Eric house into San Jose for some while. Shit, a pots draft picks if you play few prospects, but, but he's finally gone man, it. It doesn't seem like gave up a shitload not a no major names. I'd say that and that trade, but he's gone. He's out. He's out west and he's not what what this trait happened. So soon us recording the podcast. I haven't had a chance to really get into the details. Now what does that turn into? If Carlson factory ups with San Jose, there's got to be a bigger chunk of a prize on the back end..

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