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Those are all your questions on Ted Lasso trivia. We'll be right back with the answers after this. We are back with the answers to Ted Lasso multiple choice trivia. Let's see how you did on this round. Number one, what state is Ted from? He's from Kansas, Kansas is Ted's home state. Number two, what is the name of coach beards on and off again girlfriend? Her name is Jane. We had Linda Stacy and Jane Jane is the answer there. And coach beard, one of my favorite characters in the show, Jess Scott, his funko, which you can get at target. It is a Comic-Con exclusive. I believe that you can only get at Comic-Con or at target and I went to my target. They had two left, I went to buy both of them, but the bottom of one of them had no bottom. It was just, there's no bottom on the box at all. So I left that one there, but I did get a great condition. Coach beard, dancing at his rave in his special episode from season two, where he has a hula hoop on it and he's pointing. It's fantastic. And I hope to get it signed by one day. One day by the actor who plays coach beard, that would be awesome. Number three, what color is the box? Ted gives Rebecca every morning, containing his homemade biscuits. It's pink. And I actually got to bring home a replica of this box. They had the biscuits at this event that I was at hosting trivia. They had a big pyramid of those biscuit boxes. So I brought that home for Ashley, who also loves the show. And when she picked me up at the airport, she was like, you gotta be kidding me. And we ate those biscuits. They were delicious. Number four, which actress does Roy can't say he once dated, that's Gina gershon, Gina gershon, and Ted says, oh, that makes me so happy. Number 5, what characters motto as football is life that's Danny Rojas, Danny Rojas. Number 6 on season three, the team travels to what city featuring windmills, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, and Jamie's character talks about going there as a kid. On trips with his mom and learning all about it, and he tells Roy about his adventures. Number 7, what type of cuisine is featured at Nate's favorite restaurant? It is Greek. He always wants to sit in that front window table, Greek. Number 8, what toy is Ted by his son for Christmas, a drone, a drone on the Christmas episode. Number 9, what social media site does keely promote with members of the team, banter with no E, BANT, R, banter, number ten, what Disney song does, Rebecca Singh, karaoke four, at a bar that is let it go from frozen, let it go. And the bonus for two points, what year was AFC Richmond founded? The answer there 1897, 1897. And there you have it, some fun Ted Lasso trivia to kick off Ted Lasso a week. Remember, a bunch of Ted Lasso inspired categories going up all this week to commemorate a fun memory in my life of hosting trivia for the cast just last week. It was so, so cool. Check out the Patreon Patreon dot com slash trivia with buds to see some exclusive pictures and fun stuff over there if you want to see more. And email me, Ryan buds at Gmail dot com anytime if you have any questions about this whole thing that I got to do. As you can tell, I love talking about it. We have a fact of the day for you. And the fact of the day for today is about Walt Disney. Walt Disney started sketching regularly when he was just four years old at Disney started sketching regularly when he was four years old. And for the categories category, we have these items here. Items in a suitcase starts with a C, I'm going to say clothes. That's a nice easy one. Bad habits. How about chewing your nails? 'cause I do that. It's my worst bad habit. I think that I recognize myself. And kinds of dances, the cha cha slide. Oh man, put all those things together, that's a fun vacation, right? Bite your nails, cha cha slide. And pack in those suitcases. All right, thank you guys so much for listening to this episode. Thanks for telling a friend who maybe loves Ted Lasso to listen to all the episodes this week, and we'll see you next time for more trivia with buds. Cheers.

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