Seattle's King County criminal courts still conducting business, but mostly online


In King County courts means it could be years before some people have their cases heard more from comas. Matt Markovich. The real reasons why are twofold One Cove it The second is a 45% increase increase in in the the number number of of criminal criminal cases cases being being filed filed in in King King County. County. Now Now that that judges judges in in the the Superior Superior Court Court are are doing doing something something using using unusual unusual they're they're doing doing these these virtual virtual trials trials and and the the leading leading not not just the county, but they're leading The nation's amount of virtual trials they're doing now, according to presiding Judge Jim Rogers, King County has done more virtual trials than any other county in the country. 70 jury 150 bench or non jury trials, the judge in the staff there in the courtroom while the attorneys, the witnesses, and the members of the jury are all at home in one big zoom meeting. Still, those numbers are nothing compared to the backlog of cases will have a backlog by the end of the month about 7000 felony cases, and typically, we carry about a 3000. Case backlog. The backlog in criminal is up here two year 2019 to 2020 about 45% in criminal. It's a gigantic backlog, and that is where we feel The pain the most In county, like many others across the state, has suspended in person trials until at least early next year. Ah, much

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