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At behind the scenes i'm i'm sure sell us like lena value is behind the scenes exactly right they were either will have to ask him how the river nile and he's listening right now the so after that we're going to talk about the yuan to talk a little bit about a fundraiser that the cars from the love head yeah i attended that at the eccles theater and you were there i was there you're on stage briefly briefly year island just downplay you just downplay your appearance but man you know how to tickled the i freeze so to speak well it that's what i did in the past life and then i gave it up and went to law school i had to add to make a living a lotta people may not know that you are a connected to the king family uh for those have you my age your remember the king family since the sisters and their husbands in their musicians with a weekly talent show well it was a it was that used to have a lot of those musical righty thyroid shows and it was the the mormon day they were out front they were mormon king family and they end of the show every week with the him lover home the whole family was singing member of it home all yeah every i've always heard about it i've never alvi you know ray was one of the husband's he was the first person to really play the electric guitar for or um in a in that kind of setting i dunno people knew that he also played the uh but still won the hawaiian of the the the steel guitar okay the steel guitar the after you hear and a lot of hawaiian songs he played data's while interest the i saw him do a concert he was about ninety years old with the with the electric guitar at he was he was amazing but i never thought that may have only sort of heard of that because it was back in so tell us your connection well as my i married my wife emily married the i mary her and then she was the the granddaughter of that whole family so her grandma was one of the king sisters has used the granddaughter though before you married her you put the order is that you married.

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