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If each date you know that govern game exactly and the actual process itself. So the two thousand and ten election was used not just in terms of the bringing the tea party to power, the ideological conservatism, that it represents go headlines. Yeah, just to piggyback on that. Just one thing that I think we saw with Pennsylvania's, you know, you know, one of the most agree GIS gerrymandered maps in the country. We see one party control, right? We see that the Republicans controlled the house, the Senate, the governor's office, and you know, they made the laws. They made the rules and there was no really check combined. Democrats would do. That's being nonpartisan ab- now you're not being partisan, but the Democrats have done that. So already pointed out, there's a district in Maryland. Yeah. So this is not partisan both parties. We'll do this. Well, that's exactly the point I wanted to go to because if regardless of party, if the party has the power, it seems very natural. In terms of American politics try to consolidate that power, but but you know, when Republicans do it and there have they have done here in Pennsylvania. Democrats have done it elsewhere. People keep talking to me about Maryland, California, back in the eighties and nineties. But the point is, is that is there a way to come up with a fair system that does mostly remove politics from the equation? And and here let me just let me just do some limit. Let me play for you a little bit of tape here. This is again Valentino degeorge. Oh, he's the GOP chairman of Pennsylvania, and he basically just takes. He takes issue with that entire question because he says it's perfectly fine. With legislators, creating districts, and he really opposes the idea of any other systems, specifically, an independent citizens commission, which we'll talk about here in a second. He poses other systems to draw future congressional maps, and here's what he said. So legislators are in the best position to draw lines and look the end of the day, heaven forbid, politics should enter into a piece of legislation that draws part, you know, political maps stunned over the country. Democrats join maps to their favors in other states, look Marilyn. So you know, this is nonsense. This was part of a Barack Obama, Eric Holder, fair districting plan. They called it to take back congressional seats and they've done it here in Pennsylvania. That's fell to Georgia, Pennsylvania GOP chair. So Lindsey, Lazar ski. He's he basically says, we know the state the best we should draw the maps. But there is this other idea about an independence, it isn't commission. What would that look like in Pennsylvania? I just have to say, I love that operatic music behind veils. And it was. It was a Columbus Day festival in Philadelphia. Taking me there to south Philly. So you know a group in Pennsylvania, fair district's PA for a number of years now they've been trying to. Change the Pennsylvania constitution and to implement an independent citizens commission that would actually draw the lines and they've modeled this after California, and this is really a grassroots organization. You see them at street fairs. You see them at avent's canvassing and you know they, they're asking the legislators to basically vote against their interests to form this commission. As you pointed out it, there is a such a commission in California made up of appointed independent citizens. And I think some several other couple other states in the west have similar similar commission. So do they work though? Have they created fairer districts if you talk to the people on the commission? Yes. If you talked to voters. Yes. I think a key difference between Pennsylvania and California is that in Pennsylvania, there's no referendum. So basically to get that process in place, the state legislature would have to. Pass a constitutional amendment, and then it would go to the voters in a referendum, and there's no guarantee. There's no guarantee that an independent commission itself would be truly independent. By somebody that that that's or hold positions by virtue get on get on the commission by virtue of a position they already hold or you could have state lawmaker leaders appoint a few. You could have different groups. Yeah, it it can get. It can get complicated, but here's what's fascinating until Baker versus car supreme court decision..

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