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Life for over twenty years Eddie Murray was a kicker in the National Football League including several years for my beloved Detroit Lions now if you're among our listeners in the state of Michigan you'll share in my misery over all these years that the lions have not yet made it to a Superbowl if you're from outside of the state that's okay you already know that we lions fans have a difficult time but this conversation that you're about to hear is about so much more than sports Andy Murray's journey to being a professional football player go so much further than the football field losing both of his parents at a young age and having to make his way from one country to another before he came to America and it's I don't want to issue a spoiler alert but there's good stuff in the moments ahead even if you don't like sports so why do hope you'll listen carefully before we get to all that I want to see a thank you to those of you who have stepped up to become partners with the big impact as part of our patrie on support team you have come in and said you know I'm going to donate five ten fifty dollars a month to help keep this program going because we enjoy and appreciate the positive inspiring and uplifting content that we hear every week so I want to say thank you to transaction to Cindy and to Larry and to the others who have come along and said we believe in the program we want to support it I would love to have you do the same thing whether you're listening to us on the radio right now or in podcast form we would sure love to have you as part of our big impact team all you have to do is go to the website big impact radio dot com and look on the right side of the homepage for the link that says patriarch P. A. T. R. E. O. N. when you see that click on it it'll take you directly into a page that shows you some of the different rewards we've built in depending on how much you're willing to support us and even if it's only the cost of a Cup of coffee per month every little bit helps so please consider joining us as a supporter of the program and we'll do our part to continue presenting you with inspiring and uplifting conversations every week just like this one featuring former NFL star Eddie Murray I am extremely excited to welcome our featured guest on the program this week because as a young Detroit Lions for in any Murray was my kicker he was the guy that we would watch on extra points and field goals every week in a couple weeks ago when I saw him at a golf event he still looked like he was ready to take the field and and put him up from fifty plus yards so any welcome to the program and how many yards are you're good for these days what's up for a fall back for having the bill of rights to run into you at the the mire ladies stop programs that were up in grand rapids I know I was up there representing hope network who I work for right now and in one of the programs that was it was nice to run into you at that so but job yeah my yeah my kicking days are long gone I know I haven't touched the ball and it's got to be ten years or so so yeah I I what does not not not do too well I think on any we have any an audience from all walks of life all around the country some of whom love sports some of whom could care less about sports and you and I are going to talk about a little of everything that's a preview for our listeners who are thinking I don't know if I want to do a sports talk we're gonna get to the whole network in some of the things you're working on but I'm curious as a long time sports fan when was it in your life that you first thought you know what I think I think I can make a living doing this kicking thing in it you went on to do it for twenty plus seasons well it's funny that I I have been asked that question a lot and and most people are kind of surprised that the answer and a lot of people saw more in me that I saw on my cell I know coming out of high school in Canada and getting the opportunity to go to two lane diversity on a football scholarship that for them down there and in the late seventies you know what what a great honor and it was the biggest break in my life to have an opportunity to further my education and and also to be able to play football but I didn't really have a real big love for being a field goal kicker most of my adolescent years and my younger sports years I happen to live in England from four to fourteen and so I was playing a lot of soccer and rugby and cricket so those were my first love and I lived in England because my my father was English but he happened to be in the Canadian navy for twenty five years so when he retired after serving in World War two and the Korean War and and twenty five years of service a retired and moved the family to Portsmouth England where I live my mother being Canadian from Newfoundland at Saint John's my father passed away when I was fourteen and then my mother moved back to Canada which were I was originally born in Halifax Nova Scotia but we moved to Victoria British Columbia after my father passed away so that's what I got introduced to playing football but it really was not my first love I court I had an ability to care I had a strong legs hi I had a strong shot playing soccer and I used to do a lot of the kicking at that involved in in rugby so when I went to college I you know I did it but it wasn't you know something that I thought I would carry over even when my senior year came around and you know they have the all star game should all the senior bowl and eats were trying ball then they have the combine well I didn't get invited to any of those so I had no indication back then that I would maybe further my career I had some people talking to me back home in Victoria that may be I may get a chance to play in the Canadian lady but I had no aspirations that I would really be called uncle like a lot to go play in the NFL so when I got drafted by the Detroit Lions I just felt very blessed and came where are you and dole aspirations that I may make it and things this kind of fell into place and as they say you know that that's how the how my career started up but I really didn't have any inclination or thought of wanting to be an NFL well times have certainly changed because now if you're a young man with the aspirations maybe to to be a kicker or in any sport to be advance to the next level you're probably gonna be discovered through social media our through somebody Rick subscribing to a recruiting service and you don't really have to sell yourself as much as you did back in the seventies were I think you would have to go and probably in person show somebody that you the you know how to kick so it's a different world today isn't it well I am absolutely as they're they're all like you had mentioned there there are a lot of opportunities that people can take advantage advantage job whether they want to subscribe for you know recruiting websites like rivals and and put your profile on there or I I know when I do private lessons for kids and try to help them get scholarships I just saved Hey what you cell phone use of the lease that's free but you can always tell people to go to a certain site yeah watch your work out so I mean there are a lot like you said they are a lot of ways to skin the cat have people actually see and evaluate your abilities without having to go out there and pay for it part of what you were so good at doing and what every kicker at the professional and really the top collegiate level has to be good at doing is handling pressure and I think that the end of the year route you took to handle yet is applicables to our audience whether they're ever going to be in a sports moments or not whether it's the young piano student ready for the spring recital or whether it's the golfer with the big pot coming up or maybe it's just the big job interview for somebody we all struggle to handle pressure you'll see the flop sweat come down or the hamster to shaker the speech gets a little shaky along the way what was the Eddie Murray wrote for absorbing Indexi excelling in those pressure packed moments that you encountered for years what I thought I believe I was like every other kid growing up and because of my background proudly in my adolescent years being in England you know you want to be someone so for main my heroes were involved George Bastin Bobby Charlton and LA and you say DO and and I wanted to beat them so when I was out playing with my friends those are the people that I was trying to emulate so what does separate the people that are able to advance are the people that are can't handle that quote on quote pressure situation I know I always you know I I've always been amazed when I I've seen younger kid you use it and I know you have a really big love for golf like I do and how many videos have you seen where you see the high school kid and he hit the ball and they sell him hit the ball three hundred and fifty and six yards and I go okay well let's put him in a pressure situation let him put him on TV a lot important plain enough for some with Dustin Johnson and Ricky Fowler and now let's see how he goes to do it and that's what separates why there are professionals and why there are people who can just hit the ball good so Hey yeah I I need you way of looking at it but I know for me I grew up and I I always would think of putting myself in that pressure situation so for me it was a mind game I all I'm taking a penalty to win the World Cup get off or I'm going to win the the print your league you know if I if I make the free kick you know and that's how I would play the game in my head and I just kind of carry that over with a lot of other things and a lot.

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