Manny Ramirez Blown Off By Boston Red Sox 'Fan' In Australia


Boston. Red sox fans have suffered another awful season. Let's see where this story takes us. This is an alleged fan wearing red sox hat. Oh he doesn't know how bomani you can't wear that had not know who manny ramirez. How does that happen. Has it been that long though. Right is this. Is this a sign getting old and we don't even realize it like when's the last animator has played for the boston red sox as been ten years. Feel like it might have been ten years. You're gonna let him off the hope for not knowing one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise. You're gonna let that young person you're gonna yell. Like wilbon about the millennials. And how they don't know anything. Yeah they don't i'm just saying like why would he know who made it. Ramirez is at this point in time and of course. Don't forget the other part. Why we manny ramirez. Be wherever the hell i am. That's sad though. Like i i. I am very disappointed. Don't get me wrong. it's just making me realize we're we're we're not

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