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Did recreational activity vehicle that's the wrath then the four comes from four wheel drive and all the Toyotas are built with safety in mind. And I love the lane departure alert because the car has a mind of its own. Is it feels that you might be you know, kind of airing out of your lane. It does these little corrections on your searing. Hey, jill. Let's get that. Does that goes? Hey, jill. Cat. Buyatoyota dot com. All right. There you go. Tell Alexa, play one. Oh, four three my FM on iheartradio. A better smile. A better life cosmetic dentistry grants dot org. Helping you afford a new smile. Well, things are jammed up coming out of her vine right now, we're Fender benders come up on the seventy three toll road heading southbound at University Drive, the right lanes blocked and everything stop and go from jamboree also gonna see Trump out of L Hambro crash on the ten heading west Garfield, and that's blocking the far left lane. So stop and go from Rosemead boulevard. Finally, got some good news with a couple of Sigler in on the five heading north end. At the one eighteen they were able to remove that jack-knifed bigwig out of the way. So lanes are now clear all lanes are open canceled. But hasn't recovered yet. So things are still kind of stopped from the one seventy. That's exactly the case of east LA five heading southbound after the sixty crash that was there is now gone all lanes open in the Sigler canceled. But everything's still jammed up from most feelers and the traffic report is sponsored by wingstop flavor gets its wings. Wingstop freshly made just for you wings, sauced and tossed in eleven mouth buttering flavors. Get yours delivered to your door. Visit wingstop dot com. Wingstop were flavor gets its wings that your traffic. I'm diane. Only one zero four three Maya PM very much the weather today. Whether today is no it's right here. I got I found it yet hidden, but I found cloudy.

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