QOM, Renault discussed on Marketing Secrets - Funnel Hacker Onboarding #1 - Why Funnels?


K the funnels are the secrets of growing businesses and getting your message your products or services out into the world and so that's why were so excited off funnel so won't use understand the contest behind those things now obviously there lots of different types of funnels as you learned in the earlier walk through inside the cookbook we 22 different types of some of the finals our specifically for selling the product gay like my potato gundy view are sold the dvd than absolute hannigan kit some some funnels art for that something was a for generating lead then he sent emails to them some things in the future summer degenerate applications in qom on the phone summer summer finals he people into your actual location does renault's different funnels for different situations but all of funnel is is something we are taking somebody you're taking him through this process to get the end result and with interesting is that i think a lot of people think the funnels this mysterious thing it's happening every single day right now in fact if you run an offland business i promise you already have a funnel it may be a really really bad one but you have what thing about so say you're a chiropractor or a dentist's or something right somebody sees an add these drive by this year billboard is your place to get a referral something right and they come into your location they walk up to your door was the first they do they open the door right new walkin there's something's happening to the coming into this funnel now the greeted by somebody to be your front desk receptionist who have right they're saying something they're trying to get them to schedule an appointment or set up a call river thing might be and then it after that happens they take the next step in the next step in every business has it there's some kind of photos so they're process you're taking people to all the time.

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