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If the president and there's a good shot, he wins again without the popular vote the the Democrats are prepared with states just to say, we're delivering all of our votes for the for the Electoral College to the popular vote winner, which is not. The not the way it works can they do that and how do we hold on to the Electoral College which I think is the most important thing for the balance of our country. While I'm deeply concerned that we're headed for a period of chaos in in the weeks after Election Day I think by any measure, this could be a close election, and if it's close Joe, Biden already made explicit that if he doesn't win, he intends to challenge the legitimacy of the election. Bush versus Gore. As you mentioned, there's an entire chapter talking about Bush versus Gore. The last time we had a significant contested presidential election. In the courts. I was a young lawyer I was on the George W Bush campaign at the time in fact, Heidi and I met on that campaign. We were at cubicles about twenty feet apart from each other on the campaign. I was down in Tallahassee the entire time of the recruitment recant it was chaos on election night George W Bush won the votes were counted. He want he was declared president, and then the votes were close enough that Al Gore challenged at the filed a whole series of lawsuits all throughout Florida seeking to reverse the outcome of the election and when he was seeking to do was throw out votes that were for George W Bush, and try to find new votes that were for him, and then that's what anyone in a recount. If you've lost your incentives keep counting and counting counting to you can change the outcome. Well, it was utter chaos I. Remember we had a war room with a whiteboard with seven different cases all on the whiteboard any one of which could could. Flip the presidency of the United. States. That case went to US Supreme Court twice the first time we won unanimously nine zero the Supreme Court vacated the decision of the Florida Supreme Court Senate back to the got it. Wrong. The second time it went up to the court. We won seven two on the violation. So seven to the supreme, court agreed what was happening in Florida violated the equal protection clause of the constitution. But critically, it was five four on the remedy on the outcome where five four the court ruled enough is enough we've counted the votes. The votes have been counted four times. George W. Bush has won all four times under the law the election is over. It's time to move on. That decision, we had thirty six days of uncertainty of chaos..

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