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Vibe better. Gago bundling made easy go to geico dot com today. Hey we welcome you back and we have promised we are going. We were going to talk about Jt daniels. I think we showed you a headline here earlier. That a pretty well. It says it all from dog nation. Social media thrilled. Jt daniels performance. But ponders why kirby smart didn't play him. Let's welcome in the author of that article connor. Thank you for being with us. First of all. Let's talk about the good news. I the fact that he played well for those who missed the game and it was not exactly the feature game of the day How did he play. I thought he was fantastic. Four hundred yards four touchdowns as the first georgia quarterback to do that since twenty thirteen for a program that has had lingering questions about this going back even pass through the twenty nine thousand nine season to have a performance like this especially when they couldn't run the ball. At all this was the worst rushing performances. One thousand nine hundred eighty six which is a total yards. Jt daniels doesn't play the way he does it. I think it's pretty fair to say. The georgia probably loses to mississippi state team numbers. Not that highly thought of coming into saturday. We're talking to kinda raw and lane kiffin alluded to that as well. Which is just a shocking statement. Is it not that we we ended up getting to this point for those who have not followed the vagaries connor of jt daniels. Do we know what the hold up was with him. in terms of clarence yeah so. His dad came out and made some comments today. You can read them a dog nation where he wasn't one hundred percent ready to go and august and even september. We know he wasn't clear to play in. That arkansas game came out right before the auburn game. Second game of the season and said jt daniels physically clear to play. Football games and reality is yours. Second game of the year. We didn't end up seeing him until the seventh game. We know he took that knee. Brace off prior to the tennessee game and practices in warm ups. But for whatever reason we didn't see him it may have been an issue of how comfortable he was in his knee. And the level of mobility that kirby smart was looking for that's something he's referenced. Many times based off what we saw on saturday that mobility was there the ability to make plays in really. I think the biggest question at least fans people who follow the program asked me or how close was jt daniels to what we saw on saturday back on november seventh when georgia played florida because if daniels plays like he did on saturday against florida. There's a real chance of jordan. Finds a way to at least made that game closer and possibly even win. It just truly amazing to think about how different this georgia season is and while they're having a better season than most two losses of Effectively out and georgia was expecting to be in atlanta at the end of the year and not watching on television or playing in another game. Just give us your your your read on the energy that has now maybe been brought back to a program that was seemingly dead in the aftermath of the florida game. It was a it was a mighty big fall from grace. Do you think this is going. Yeah people's energized. Even i think if. Jt daniels keeps playing away. He does. It is gonna keep people interested in tuned in the rest of the season. 'cause you point out. This is georgia program. Where going eight and two this year in a burst in the peach bowl. That doesn't do it for them. There was a lot of negative energy around this program. Losing the florida so for daniels will come out. Look good look like a possible at least certainly this season and potentially even long term solution at the quarterback position there for georgia. I think that's huge place. While again against south carolina and finishes the season out strong. I do think that can build a lot of momentum towards that twenty twenty one season when a lot of these skill players. That played really well on saturday night. Also come back to the storage team. Know you talk to a lot of fans. Interact with them. Know what you said. And i know that this is hope you need hope after a slog through a difficult year. But but how tough do you think it is going to be from from this moment on watching the gators. Possibly see a heisman winner in kala. Trask play alabama. And who knows what happens there. But but the gators at least for now have seemingly past the bulldogs deny that this season based on what you saw on the field now long term trajectory of these two programs. We'll see but having a really good quarterback light. Florida does with contrasts may as we've seen makes up for a lot of the other issues. That florida happens to have so if georgia's able to make. Jt daniels into that guy that difference making quarterback where against alabama frankly the program that we so often measured georgia against georgia's able to do that and get the most out of there. I do think that that is going to help. Certainly throughout this off season alleviate some of the concerns of what is the sort of direction of this program. Daniels wasn't the answer. That just leaves you scratching your head more with kirby smart and what has happened in this twenty twenty season georgia. Let me get. Let me get from you. I and i realized we'll talk about little else here for the next three weeks leading up to the obvious. Obviously leading up to the alabama florida. You've seen both these clubs against georgia. Which will you can debate georgia texas. Am among the best competition for for alabama and obviously florida has played georgia. we'll play alabama. Is there a way for you to look at Alabama and florida right now and and try to differentiate them. Yeah one of the things going back to that game is alabama could have dumped ever wanted to in the second half if they wanted to just get out get out. There were fifty sixty points. I absolutely think they could have. Whereas in the florida game yes. They scored thirty eight points in the second half and the first half there but i absolutely believe that dan mullen wanted to run the score up that day and scores many points on were just given the issues. He's had with this program recent seasons and they really couldn't do that. And why getting it. Just watch alabama just destroy kentucky this weekend and then see ohio state struggle. You know how they make those championship. Commemorative shirts i think alabama as eighteen national titles. You can go ahead and start making the nineteenth national title t shirt with how well this alabama team has been playing over the course of the season even going back to that game. We know that will make you a very popular man in gainesville florida tonight. Thank you so much for joining us. Come back soon always always enjoy appreciate it very much. Wow fantastic conversation. There was kinda rally mainly by jt daniel and now he is awesome. Things like this georgia program. Some life we will take a break much more to come right here on a monday afternoon. Napa know napa you can get twenty percents off three or more items with a four ninety nine napa yup twenty percent off power tools. Twenty percent off wipers twenty percents off and more. It's.

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