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His conversation going on on Facebook about the connection between Lucifer and Satan and how Milton probably made the connection more so than the Bible. Ryan. What do you think of that? I I've heard that as well. I heard that. You know, we we basically use a correlation between who was cast in the lake of fire who fell from heaven. But it was Lucifer. And we say that, of course, leaves her fell from heaven became the devil became Satan. And I just know I just wanted what the connection was there. Yeah, I I have a different interpretation, I think And I think many people all their interpretations are probably just is accurate. I think if you have Lucifer falling from heaven to earth, and then once loose of her arrives on Earth, he becomes the devil kind of a purveyor of sin in the material world. And then you have Satan with which is shaped Thanh, which is the adversary, which is close to Lucifer. Because Lucifer is the opposite. It is the false light. It is a nin version. You're talking about retrograde Venus. And I think that all three of these characters are basically one of the same, but they're just different. They're different expressions of the same chaotic order kind of like the different levels of hell and the different types of demons. Ultimately they all fun fall under the control of the Central Force, which you could again call the devil or, like all the orders of angels essentially fall under the order of God. Does that make sense? Yeah. I mean, we were talking earlier about the eye of the dragon that how it's definitely connected to Venus. There's also Ah Mary Connection to Venus Ave. Maria Stella. I believe that Isis, of course, is connected. There's Venus. There's a number of connections to the morning star number, connections to the light bringer. And the idea of what's in control. Now, what do we what we focused on? We're focused more on Venus. We are on Mars, which I find interesting. And as I said, before, we have four planets this year are this month, actually in retrograde. Which on astrology level is bad for business, meaning that we will see a lot of chaos in the month of October, But it certainly is going to throw things out of whack a lot worse if we see that all four planets those four planets that mentioned her in retrograde because you know you see well, my Mercury's in retrograde or by Mars is in retrograde. We got four letter now in retrograde a lot with Venus. So we see this reversal of fortune. We see this reversal of ah of everything, as was talked about earlier in the Ancients talk. About the reverse planet or the planet that screams across the sky. And this is where we get the the crossing or the cross. We also get Thoughts of her circle of US Vulcan, which is also a AH companion to the Sun, Planet X Comets, asteroids, all kinds of prophecies, the Bible's full of warnings. Future comet or asteroid impacts, Most importantly, from Christ is found in the New Testament, Peter and revelation to suggest a final cataclysmic event wherein the Earth has turned into a sea of fire in lava. And then, of course, this catastrophe seems to be falling Venus as well a few million.

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