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Hello, hello. This is the advanced podcast. My name is Adam jabber, and we have a wonderful set of episodes or conversations or whatever we're calling them these days. Today for you. Michelle Parker's on the show. Nick sergeant is on the show. And Caroline Claire is on the show. Caroline is going back to her second Olympics to compete so we kind of talked about that stuff. We talked about her time at SMS, Stratton mount school, we talk about good team managers, bad team managers. We talked about a lot of stuff. And it's great conversation. And then Michelle Parker and I talked about everything. I don't even know. By the way, the nicest human being I've ever talked to probably in my life. Like she's just so friendly and she's a real person. I know that might sound weird to say, but like sometimes you talk to people and they're just like on and they're in like their own little world when you're having that conversation. This was not the case with Michelle. She's like present. She's here. She's fully ready to have the conversation. And was a gem. We also talked to Nick Sargent Nick Sargent is the president of SIA, which is snow sports industries of America, which is like, I don't know, they do a lot of good stuff for this ski industry and the snow community. We talk about what I actually does. And he's actually got a lot of hot takes. And I hope you guys enjoyed that one. It's one of the better conversations I think that have come out and wow. So be sure to listen through. Let me know what you think. Shoot me an email, shoot me a message, and we'll chat about it. Before we jump into the show, we have a sponsor for today, and that is darn tough socks, darn tough, has been a sponsor of the show for a little bit now..

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