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In outing to have some facial prosthetics on him slightly and he's he's going to me to be very bulding and he's kind of looks the pa of the character but in every other way it's like oh stupid shemi just given this hilarious performance did you enjoy beth like clip sent me some debt one of the things i liked most devout it i wish i'd seen more of that to be honest i think with any cheese scripts i want it to be in i don't to see like an inch of found the dialogue and i found it'll that blundering it'll that blustery and a little bit offensive renault he sets out to offend times in keno he's ready to be tasteless and unlike bone backley's dana he sets out to humanize his cart is he sent me doesn't go god to do that but there were certain issues i had with the humud certainly at the expense of some of the women or lack of women in the film one instance uh there's a a woman or a young woman hughes it's heavy suggested she's imprisoned and raped by one of the one of the characters in the film and justified later on but not as soon as i'd like to have been as you say very dog pray quickly i am and diets i had some some issues with other ways it was fine it wasn't the perfect film which was disappointing ultra although the combo they are that was what this from does determined to see what is mary the the the kind of classical retelling of of some period of history and even though it's very contemporary nitz telling it does feel fantastic and also that difficult balance between humor which is less than you might expect from the unit fell and the oddly kind of chilling sense of jeopardy of any wrong would could get you bullet in the head or worse he say i'm in the eye a complete that your point i think everybody in this film though is treated in pretty merciless fashion on absolutely anything that was part of the issues that i.

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