Bradley Beal, Russell Westbrook, Dennis Schroeder discussed on Game Theory Podcast


This is part of the reason I ripped Dennis Schroeder for a lot over the years and I mean he got a chew contract and all that is that it's easy to look good in certain respects as the second best offensive player with the skill set that a lot of these guys have. But when you're the but if you can't pack it as the number one guy, then you're just not super useful. Okay, so here's the stat on it. Last year, when Russell Westbrook had always on the floor and Bradley Beal was not. And yes, a lot of these lineups were massively screwed up from a spacing standpoint. It was like Russ and ish Smith or somebody else. And they had a one O 5 offensive rating. That's terrible. That's Westbrook on beel off. And so I think what he can be better than that. I think that he was better as the individual creator for the next two years ago than Westbrook has been the last three years. Yeah, I think that everyone kind of equates the way that Russ and Bradley Beal played together with that final stretch of games where they went 17 and 6 in their final 23 games and Russell Westbrook averaged 23 14 and 14. Over that time. And Bradley Beal played, I want to say like 19 of those 23 or whatever games. And averaged 31 four and four and was unbelievable, but you take away that stretch of the season. I mean, this team was 14 and 35 or something at one point. Like they were, they were. And dismally bad at one point. Even if even if Westbrook was hurt for a course of that time, which it seems like, is kind of the loose consensus. Yeah. He was still terrible. And if we're not just replacing the best Russell Westbrook for 25 games, we're replacing the entirety of Russell Westbrook. Yeah. No, I think that that's right. I would venture that they are probably slightly better than or I would say they probably go something similar to around 500, which is what they were last year. They were 34 and 38 last year. I would guess that they go something like 36 and 36 again. The problem for them is that the east is better now..

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