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All that kind of stuff, right? It's It's really hard. I get it. In that If you are a White Sox fan, and if you're listening, you are if you are a White Sox fan. And you have the ability As as a ball club. So look Atyour division rival the Minnesota Twins, who by the way Just added Andrelton Simmons on a one year contract for gosh, now I'm getting Marcus Simeon's one year deal. And can you look that up for me? Tyler can grab that real quick. I think, Sonny and got 18 with the Blue Jays and I want to say that Angels and got something like 12 with the twins. But memories little goofy there Anyway. Point is, if you got Nelson Cruz out there, and you can take away from the twins, 16 home runs in a 60 games stretch a three or three batting average of 3 97 on base percentage. My God and a 5 95 slugging percentage. Then that makes not only you better. But it make sure they don't have that to tell her what you find out. How and a half million Brandon. Thank you Appreciate it, and the Twins team is I'm a big fan of, you know, I was talking earlier about how many throughout the season throughout our our talks Young White sac's weekly. I'm going to discuss the starting rotation is being Maura than five. Really, because that's what it takes to get through a year. I'm also you're also gonna find out that I like defense a lot. There are some places I'm willing to sacrifice like second base, perhaps just philosophically, but I like defense a lot. Minnesota Twins. Scenes 2019 have gone from Jorge Polanco and Miguel so no on the left side of that infield, Polanco, it shorts, you know, a third who are atrocious defenders. Josh Donaldson, albeit for 25 games, because I think you have the hamstring thing for most of the early part of the season, and Jorge Polanco in 20. Lanka is not a very good defensive shortstop, although was better for the 60 games in 20. Josh Johnson is a very good third baseman, too. Now, Josh Donaldson. And Andrelton Simmons on the left side. No, that seems had a down defensive year last year. He also had believe it's an ankle and foot injury. That really, really messed him up. You know, I don't know. He wasn't quite the health of all that. Is that fair to question. Whether or not at his age that elite top tier defense still exists. But even still, if you're getting very good defense and whatever bad he wants to bring be offensively that twins left side is pretty tough right now. So in order to take away from a division rival. Add to yourself provide something that maybe you don't have in. Or maybe you'd like more of a Nelson Cruz. You could do it. He fits the lineup. He's another right handed bat. And I know the White Sox and White Sox fans would love a little bit more pop from the left hand side, but name for me a team in baseball that's going no, No, We're good on on left handed, Pop. Thank you so much. Everybody wants left headed pop, You know, too. There's you know, the Blue Jays moved with Simeon is interesting. It's a really flushed out team with a whole bunch of fun hitters in that lineup and somebody to It's a team to concern yourselves with if you're the White Sox, who are still as we talked about quite a bit, are still projected to be one of, if not the best team in the American League. The Yankees with their handful of additions of, I think, surpassed them and expected war via Fangraphs. I get that that's fine..

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