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The race in the belmont on saturday is that he had no shot right you wanna talk about a horse i had no shot of winning the race he had no shot dot city right correct it would have other horses would have basic something would have had to have happened if he was in the race the problem i have with the race has is this and you've been around the track along so you look at this race and if you watch the replay restoring hope was basically there to be the escort for justify all the way around the track your point and he cut off noble indie nobody wanted to go to the front micro poli is owner migra poli vitamin water also i mean a billionaire he's all he's been thoroughbred racing now for a number of years at outspoken new yorker all said before the race nobody's going to the front flora njeru road that race as gary west said in via email i saw him one column i think on either diarra daily racing for whatever said he had no idea what floor on jerus the owner of restoring hope was doing rotting in the race what he what his exact game plan was in the race micro police said he the stewards need to look at the race and the way floor on it because basically what you road was he cut off every horse by riding the row by going straight gonna read i turn right cut off everybody else from six on six seven eight nine ten for being able to cut over on justify and then rode into the six or seven past and the cut over and basically sat off justifies flank didn't allow bravado who was trying to get to the front to get to justify to push the pasties wants that half mile goes in forty eight and he's able to walk the dog on the front end very very very very slow on the front and nobody was catching them.

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