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The same way. Ticket. Look at its narrative complain about it. Why? Because you get your reward. That is what's happening right now with the media. This's an extinction for this. They're kicking the copra. See, they know everybody's laughing at them. They look like a city and kicking the man. She's going to do anything. They're watching screaming a machine. It's a metal object is going to scream back. Give me my damn coke. Everybody loses their minds. This is what they don't care that they look like idiots that they're screaming like Children and Trump. They have called the other Republican senators and presidents racism, massages in the past, to get them to not do something and they've been rewarded with them not doing it. And Trump's doing it anyway. He's like, double barreled. You know, I never used the right finger because some kids are watching on rumble. But sometimes I'm tempted. He doesn't care. He doesn't care doesn't care. Response all Trump a racist, no reward. Followed rapidly by an extinction burst of childlike baby looking up. I'm not messing with you this stuff Israel. Here is the greatest extinction burst of all time had tipped gravy in the grate. Tom Elliott. He has the best. Come Supercuts. Over there. Here is a supercut of the most hilarious media extinction burst I've seen in modern times. This is the The greatest montage ever of Trump is definitely a fascist, and he's definitely definitely Hitler to check this one out. It's a classic like Oh, I don't know We won't call them Fascist comments. Fascists! Fascism, fascist called fascism. Fascist fascist fascist notions of fascism. Dina foe being racist demagogue. Racist, sexist, xenophobic, autocratic and fascistic. Donald Trump's a fascist, someone like a fascist or a tyrant or an autocrat. Fascist rhetoric. Fascist lane. Guage fascists. I'm glad that you're starting talking about fascism. Hitler Fascist rhetoric is talking the way fascists talked autocratic, fascist Nazi Germany before the rise of Hitler fascist language to Hitler's fascist Hitler. Adolf Hitler has been Hendler. From what I preached in early third. Let's just say it once and for all, folks, come on, That's tell me that's not hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Yeah, I'm serious. Godwin without Paula wants it she's doing. She's mixing cutting wax on the one to remember back in the day. Maybe Joe members records well, DJs back in the day we really you can call cut, You'd mix the one to turn down. What's all Elektronik? Back in the day they'd really scratch. Because scratch, you know, you get on the turntables to do with my friends up in New York, but I used to play tone Look funky, Cold Medina. I play there scratching. I was pretty good. I might even get my friend back was awesome. Jimmy says good baby that needs to go in his basement cutbacks on we need a cool mix tape on that. Competent Jude to him. Thompson to she's got. She's got wax over there. This is the homes are obscene, ridiculous absurdity I have ever seen in my life. Tom Eliot Gravy in Awesome. Also follow him on social media is super cuts of the best. I think he had that one title for the like For the 1000th time. Trump is literally Hitler. Little care. You're watching an extinction burst. Of stupidity. They put the Coke in the machine trumps a racist fascist didn't get what they want. So they kicked the machine and double down and now everybody's him. Hitler Fascist! Hitler! Hitler! Hitler fascist! I need like D. J. Pauly D cut that up that maybe put an old song Dan Bongino show. If you look around, he watched television. Everything's different the world.

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