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By per Maciel basements. New guidance on wearing masks is coming today from the CDC. In business after the first hour of trading on Wall Street stocks are mainly lower the Dow NASDAQ and S NPR off about a quarter percent each now with WGN traffic. Here's Vicky. Ca Cruzi in Good morning. This traffic report is brought to you by Amita Health at Amita Health Orthopedic Institute. You will find treatment for all bone and joint conditions tailored to you. That's whole care. Learn more at Amita health dot org's slash or throw amino health and in sickness and in health. We do have a crash on the up on side of the Kennedy at Armitage. That's backing things up, but things loosening up on the inbound side, about a half an hour in from O'Hare. The Stevenson still had about 35 minutes from 3 55 to lakeshore drive tight getting onto that inbound. Dan Ryan ramp Evergreen Park a police investigation due to a crash. That is still closing Western in both directions between 95th and 92nd Street. I'm picking Jacuzzi and W G and traffic central CDC is making changes to the mask policy. Today, the agency expected the loose and guidelines for people fully vaccinated against coronavirus. But experts say that some of the new guidance will also apply to those who are not protected yet President Biden said to reveal the recommendations later today, seven people were shot last night in Chicago in just 45 minutes one of the latest shootings. Involved. Two teenagers who were critically hurt in a drive by shooting in South Chicago. 13 year old was walking home with his 14 year old friend when they were both shot. No arrests have been made. You are going superintendent of the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic schools has landed a similar.

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