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Will you be on h three broadcast against Donald? Lear with a four nine. Very thoughtful take on a huge argument. I. I. Don't know if I should talk about it. That's so funny. Give me so much shit for this like. So many people are going to think that this is true and start coming. Let's see how far fetched is stories. Hi It's too slow too slow. You, thank you. He was getting a tunnel on why you don't feel good. He's got a headache. Amid DM him right now say Yo this come on the set of this deal. Mean Demon right now and say, let's settle this fucking beef did. Dr Dis. Respect Doc Tober Y-yo. Let's settle this beef did. Settle this beef. And come on what is this common show again This hey, guys love the show. I think there's a bug on the after dark sign, and if you notice how the curve and Cross of the age connects with the three to make a Weiner. Term. What suck? Says notice how the curve and Cross of the H. connects with the three to make a Weiner. Saying the wire. I think whoever made that comedy? The doctor I I'm sorry Coin Pob but I'm not seeing. Anybody. Else see a winner in the sign. Let us know I. Don't see a Dick I know see. A watch baby dynamic. Oh. Yeah. We already that. We just put in isolation. We read that one too. What else we got? All right. You guys ready for some weird shit. Sure. By the way don't stick around to the end because we have the weirdest surprise the most fucked up actually I'll just tell you what it is I'll tell you now but I wanna do it to because it's so gross but I'll do a little sneak peak for everybody who's thinking about leaving that should definitely stay. So we found this TIKTOK. We.

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