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It is six thirty eight turns out it's a wreck on LBJ. Tell us about eastbound six thirty five LBJ midway the rent is actually in the left lane. And we thought it was the stall it is definitely a crash up. Now, slow back thirty five grand prairie westbound thirty at carrier. That accident is clear still slow from beltline over two three sixty and oak cliff? Southbound thirty-five e from thirty just past sixty seven split there. Some slow moving traffic there. Now, also in Dallas Zana just giving us a call on the traffic tip hotline. There's a stall on the ramp from southbound thirty five to what I'll Rogers the left lane of that ramp is blocked, and so you only have the right lane to get around. So it's something that's going to affect us to try to get onto what all Rogers. Plus once you get onto eastbound, what Rogers pretty heavy from I thirty five all the way over to seventy five Julian Rogers, taking a look at north Fort Worth. But yeah, we've still got some. Lay on thirty five as you head Sara fiddle take you more than a few minutes from one seventy down to north Tarrant Parkway. Also had a stall reported pretty close to heritage trail which which were currently looking for. But I don't think it's going to be in a lane of traffic. So there's the good news airport freeway west if you're trying to get through the mid city right now, still a fifteen minute trip from county line over to about the northeast mall. Expect some slowing traffic on eastbound six thirty five's you travel from lake highlands, plano road down to garland at Centerville, Ferguson, you break free for a few moments. But once you hit those mesquite city limits. You really going to be slow from oats on that southbound side of six thirty five all the way down to the new market bridge where we've had people waving American flags on that new market bridge. Yeah. For most of the afternoon today during the rush hour, and that has been slowing traffic in the area. I'm John little your next report at six forty eight. And breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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