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Dating. And then after that, they got engage after they got married and then I'm just like. If I never. I. Never made that thing which you would never have been together but you don't even remember me. You're you were the Calvin Klein. With. A minute. Here's my rebuttal. Whole thing is that. I could maybe understand that maybe they don't. Remember the kid that they spent a week with that. Got Them Together. However, it was established in the beginning film. The rain remember very vividly details about how they got together and fell in. Love. So she's not a slacker on her memory I. also argue that if you were to show me the spitting image or a picture of someone who helps me and my wife get. Together such as kid looking identical and being named the same thing. I would also remember you also can't tell me that biff doesn't remember the guy who ruined his car even though when he's old biff, he remembers the manure in the car and everything this. Also the guy that punched him when he was already knocked out well, who he chased around the school like I. Love. San But like too many to. Would remember the weird kid who he hit with his car because that's like a weird insurance thing you know almost committed vehicular manslaughter I want to also add to There's a thing that they introduced to this film which I think is a really cool mechanic called like I called it like time echoes or time totems where the picture right get phases away as Mariella starts losing his connection to the future. What does he tell Lorraine and George? Hey if you have a kid and he said that during the street, he burns the carpet. So obviously that should happen. So they've remembered you remember I remember a piece of vice but I don't remember who said it. But I'M GONNA make sure I do it because it happened and so. You. Don't remember the guy who fucking crashed the night you fell in love with a weird ask Guitar Solo and literally brought the room to a standstill. I would tell that story for years every kidding in that school would remember that story also, he was no longer in school after the dance. Or happened to the kid so you would probably have it would probably be a little. It's a little bit more as that weird kid who got us together and like disappear off the face of the earth and like aggressively. If anything, I would almost think that George would have. Been like Oh my God that was the alien I also would argue that lorraine when telling the story would be like well, this Guy Marty did take me to prom I but I ended up going home with your father too many Josh. Say just reporting what he said it's not. A It's a wonderful gesture by do like actually how Matt graining did it and Futurama, and Futurama just became his GRANDPA. Cut Cut the loop because to him time is in that world time is not linear. Genetically he has his grandma, right? Yeah. But she and her journal time isn't linear. It's it's it's certainly Be his own GRANDPA still exist as opposed to like. Yeah Anyway. that's that the qualms. No. Here's the thing though it doesn't bother me suspension of disbelief. So remember them it's fine, right? Yeah. There is some the suspension of disbelief is real strong already going back right? There is. There are some continuity errors here and there, but again, that doesn't break the film for me but. Charity put the cup down the Libyan's bothered me a little I. Don't know I can't do that. They were blamed out in like jewelry. I don't know what it was. Over in Gami. particularly. cartoony. which made the violence feel less violent. which may be needed to be for a family film right? I mean also no blood either it's a sixteen year old kid who's just witnessing an old. During that time. Yeah. Warfare like for the time it would have been like Chinese Russians or you know what? I mean like it would have been like it wouldn't have been better if it was any other like they would have picked a race or group, right? Yeah. The one that we were at war with during one thousand, nine, hundred. Yeah. It's caricatures. It's it's like Russian red and yellow yellow fear wherever the hell you call it. Yeah Yeah. Just, stick to Nazis. Feels, that's always easy for me. The thing it's got to played out so much. Bad of history. Yeah. Like they're just unequipped evil. Thank you. You hate them. Okay. So No. Qualms now we get to the rating dating. So you guys hash it out and just do since. There's so many of US stood alphabet. All right Allie Caitlin Tom. mine's five, loom five from Ali. Five from Ali, go ahead, Kaelin Kaelin. Into Five. Okay five PAS. Affect. Our audio listeners like that Josh Five. Okay. Wow. It's a four five. Four five I'm sitting pretty at A. Just, a five. So actually you were right. Now. We're right. Right, technically, but I was bound by the rules of the game so. This. It's like spider verse. So nerd on nation I feel like we're GONNA have to like discuss. Thought I was going to be the ground CAITLYN become you ping. That like all of us go..

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