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At Marconi. Dash foods dot com. Third period is Next. Here for a recap is Chris Boden Fella. Second period recap a whole lot like the 1st 1 Vegas scores. The on ly Go back in the opening 20 was a Shorthand Italia by William Karlsson. Hawks still played pretty well overall in that first period and times. They kept pushing her to kill off a couple of penalties in the early going in that second period as later cuckoo is called for interference. Alex Knee lander for hooking. They are three for three on the penalty kill, but ah, a couple of minutes after Neil Anders penalty expired, it was an opportunity for Vegas to take it to nothing. Lee they're able to cash in their Saad into the right wing corner. Vegas known Eat McNab to the puck leaves it for Tae ves chipped office stick to the line taken away by the Golden Knights. Tuck moves it in over the hot line here. Schmidt overto. Tuckey shoots, Save rebounds Car Follow up shut And a first goal in his NHL playoff career. Patrick Brown scoring for Vegas. It's now two. Nothing. Golden Knight. Yeah, Patrick Brown getting on the board of the 15 23 mark from Tuck and Schmidt. Blackhawks will have about a minute of power play time remaining on a Brayden McNabb boarding call late in that second period. Shots were 12 7 in favor of Vegas, now 18 16 their lead for the game hawk still struggling in the face ofthe circle tonight, they have Ah, one, only 14 of 39 draws to this point. And they're going to be the punk a little bit here in this third period. See if they could do something with this opening power play as they trail the Vegas Gold Knights to nothing After two periods on the period number three of Game three Once again here's Gianna Troi. Alright, thank you very much, Krystle. The teams are on the ice surface and we'll.

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