Johnny Depp is 'radioactive' says Hollywood bigwig


Johnny depp There were some great details in that story in the hollywood reporter about how radioactive he is. And we've talked about some of them before the five million dollars spent making sure the ashes of hunter s. thompson were exploding over a canyon somewhere. Thirty thousand dollars a month in wind bills. He has to regret the cannon thing i mean. He's at some point. He's gonna know if he doesn't yet he's but the thing that we were laughing about during the local hour is johnny depp. The details are amazing. In this story one of them is the bodyguards plural who would have to wipe the drugs off of his face in order to get him to a scene of some sort where they just have to brush drugs office but one of the things that was told in that story is that he was just merely needing an earpiece because he wasn't bothering to remember his lines. And that's where we're headed. Mike i'm sorry to tell mike and billy this now but still got if you haven't seen enough of the sort of lazy entitlement of stugatz who can't hear and the jokes are coming out slower because he needs to help through his ears on some of this stuff. It's going to only get worse. That's not going to get better. There is no better from there. Even with hungary less lazy seeing dollars in his eyes to god's perfect time to set on his own right.

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