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Station in the nation. Sarah Miller is our service aide. Julie von is the writer Justin Schrager is at the editor's desk. I'm Susan, Richard. Larry kofsky, there's closing well on a down day for the stock market. The Dow slipped eighteen points, the NASDAQ gave back twenty six. News all the time. Wins. Twenty two minutes. We'll give you the world. Forty three degrees. Cloudy skies. It is four o'clock on a Wednesday. February six two thousand nineteen I'm Larry Mullins. And here's what's happening. Three people, including the victim's son in police custody after a woman from SoHo found dead outside the home in New Jersey. I've say they think the son and his friends has something to do with where the body was plays. We'll have the latest today the NYPD scrutinizing the error of Google's ways cops one Google's removed that app ways that is because of the lurch drunk drivers and speeders at the cops are up. Fourteen year old boy in Jersey City taken into custody after he allegedly showed up at school today. Packing heat Dopp say that thing was loaded. They don't know what his motive was. But they weren't taking any chance at what you get. When you dig a garden and add seven foot plants and a group of spring, chickens, laying a ton of goose eggs Forbes says about four billion dollars in the most valuable team in the NBA. We'll talk about the Knicks as your ride home. News begins on this Wednesday with AccuWeather, cloudy and cooler high of forty six down to thirty eight degrees tonight and in sports. This Dexter major role. Changes may be coming to major league baseball nets and nuggets tonight in Brooklyn Rangers welcome in the brewing. And off we go to Wednesday. Wins. News time, four one from your ram trucks traffic.

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