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Number five so in courage guests to leave reviews on your google my business listing so if i'm little note from bright local sixty eight percent of people left review after local business ask them to imagine that asking you shower seve's people people do what you ask them to do unless my ten year olds eight percent of them yeah yeah anytime you can influence someone by but you should take that opportunity it's the same the one of the reasons face because become so popular is it does a really good job of giving people clear instructions someone to do like people given the opportunity they're gonna do it so yeah definitely it doesn't doesn't hurt and it doesn't have to necessarily be with your mouth hole it can be in your in your emails in any kind of for them yeah so definitely encourage people to ask what what's the worst is going to happen then not gonna leave her review while they probably wouldn't have done anyway there's no there's not a person on this planet that is intending the lever of you and they like all can you believe your data to them they just the lever of now absolately knocking to leave her view if someone does leave a review leave a response you know usually prompt response neo kind of shows that you place value in what your guests thinking if it's a good review of a thank you helps or yeah it's a negative review respond that you're you're fixing your work and what are you doing what you're doing to fix it show that you cash that you're aware issue job at u treating the root cool is not the symptom in you know be hospitable i think that's the thing google reviews if you look over the last twelve months have accelerated a ton like if you look at the volume it used to pale in comparison to tripadvisor tripadvisor was you know many many times the number of us that the google is getting but we've clients now where they're getting more of us on google than they aren't providing now so don't don't look at this anymore as a secondary marketplace for reviews this is right up there with tripadvisor and you should treat it as such and that you know we're not sure we do that goes on with google completely but we pretty certain that the velocity of reviews a minimum if not the quality reviews has some kind of impact on visibility on such engines right whether that's just on the local sadhil ganic as well there's a lot of debate about that but the mole reviews you get on google it's it's gonna benefit your business either way so you definitely want to not take a onesizefitsall approach push everyone that you're asking reviews ful tripadvisor i would say that google if it's not already as important as revise i think is going to be in the next year or two so you should definitely pay it the attention it deserves number six so adding high quality photos and video to your listing can only be benefit to you and your business so giving potential guests and inside look at your.

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