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Three twenty one left to go in the third quarter nuggets were down twenty three points one. Oh, one to seventy eight numbers fresh off of a time out. Here comes will Barton. Barton has it on the high left side over to Monte Moore's got it out there by curry top the key over the Yokich for three short. No, good rebound in stride to Igwe. Liquid dollar stops for the high left side hands off to curry split. The defenders he's at the free throw line step back wide open. Fifteen foot or jumpers. Good. That out of time out from Denver. One zero three to seventy eight less than three minutes to go. The third. High left side is Monte Moore's top of the key will Barton he gets to pick from Plumlee throws back behind him. The monta monta has it against Kevin Durant. Gets it over to yoga to the arc back to Monterey for three rebound down to Steph curry front court order. Kevin Durant Durant bounce passed in the paint to McKinney should have been traveling there. Throws back behind him degreen, skipped past a curry from thirty feet. Got it. Unbelievable. Sometimes it's just not your night. People going six to seventy eight late in the third quarter for the warriors. They've hit seventeen three pointers in the game through the window to Plumlee kick out three partners that one's good. Six to eighty one is a school. Here is nice to see well Barton mix in a couple of weeks to here for the Denver Nuggets. He's hit a couple of threes. Tonight seen him get reacclimated with the group is good for Denver. Curry has it on the high left side top of the key over to Kevin Durant. Durant crossover moving a deep three from him that looks good. So believable. One oh, nine eighty one twenty eight point lead Jamal Murray gonna come back in for Denver. My question is why will Barton has it topped the key to watch all right side apart, and he'll try a curry three that one's. No, good, rebound, tapped, and grabbed by Durant Durant has it gone. Coast to coast on wacho leans, Bank shot is up. No good rebound tipped out by Denver, then grabbed by Igwe dolla dolla top of the key to green Green Left side over to curry gets a pick from green. That's an illegal pick, by the way curry has it worked against Mason Plumlee, another one from the logo again. Why we're seeing something crazy here in Denver tonight three pointer barrage by the Golden State Warriors. They have made nineteen of them. And we're not even done with the third quarter yet. At the elbow. Plumlee. Has it spins on Kwajalein hook shots on the way? That was good. And he got fouled is wall. I'll tell you what to Steph curry out with an injury. The warriors maybe not investing as much as they should in the regular season. People are talking about will they this'll excited to play, blah, blah, blah. I think that they have found their rhythm in with boogie coming next week. Yeah. I suppose post to come back on Friday. I mean that is it's a crazy thought to have. But it seems like Steph is back in his group. These guys are playing really well together. This might be the best basketball game. We've seen from them. The I agree. And I think there's something to it. I mean, you kind of Ludovico, but I think they wanted to send the number one team in the Western Conference a message like, hey, we were a little discombobulated early Durant. Green got into a fight. Curry was hurt. Boogie wasn't playing. We wanna make sure and let you know that we are still three time NBA champions. It's sort of like a oh Denver. That's cute. Yeah. I know that you're. Your first place. Yeah. Okay. Well, the pisses me off more times. Monte Moore's hasn't left side of the mid court circle. Denver going to go to for one. But they gotta hurry here. Moore's finally makes a move goes to the right hand has poked away from behind to for one almost gone that should be a foul on curry. Alleyoop down to Plumlee is deflected. He gets it at the baseline over the part in fighting the clock for three missed it. And the rebound comes down to Kevin Durant. And they'll go for one shot here. Shot clock is turned off to the right side of the midcourt circle. Is Durant Durant? Got twenty seven points, four rebounds and six assists through three quarters. He's eleven of fifteen only missed four shots. Durant? Stutter step in a drive gets fouled by family shots, not gonna count it and go anyway, Denver had one to give now four point nine left on the clock here for the warriors to try and get an oh. By the way, bucket it really the shooting percentages from the big three for them Durant Thompson and career just out of this world. And Steph curry coming off a huge game Klay Thompson had forty-three a couple of nights ago. I mean, these these guys are feeling good right now. Durant? Les cook by greedy, couldn't finish three seconds left for Denver half quarter will count if the goals and this blocked at the horn. Well, we have three quarters in.

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