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W A L. Washington comes to talk. Radio. He's Eric Harley. I'm Gary McNamara. I'm just reading here from the daily caller all the actors that are calling for a boycott now of Georgia. Yeah. All right, and okay. Stacey Abrams said we'll know don't boycotted because there's a lot of people that won't be working. But the word that Jake tapper said, he said, would you say that Mr. Kemp is legitimate governor? No. What do you mean the one? This was all, you know, legal. Would you say he's a legal governor? Okay. Legal governor. Yes, legit. No. We'll legal means legit. Yes. And she said. It's very important. The words that we use you know, 'cause she's a romance author. I do that for a living. I use words. And so we must use the proper words, and I would have said legit if it's legal. It's legit. You may not like it. But it's legit. If you wish to say, the laws immoral say the law is immoral but don't say, he's not the legit governor. He's the legit governor. He's the legal governor you agree to legal but not legit in. This is the kind of word games that she was playing yesterday. Well, I mean, do you believe that those votes that went for Kemp were fake? You believe those people? That's where I don't exactly I mean, she got to the point of this is where I if Jake tapper I would have done it differently where she said, well, no is because of the suppression in the laws and everything else. I would have said, well, wait a minute. Law these laws that the legislature passed that it is the law. You it sounds like you don't like the law. But since you don't like the law, you're not willing to say he's legit. Now, you're saying he's legal. Are you playing word games with me or what? And what's the difference between legal and legit? How can you be legal and not legit? Because you don't like the law. So something's illegitimate. It is that means that legally it is not. Yes. The case, exactly. I would I would have had a. That's why I'm not an interviewer would never come back. How big does your ego have to be to be in that scenario instill ignore reality?.

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