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Because Travis Et en is very versatile, and I love the kid as you mentioned at the top of the segment. Listen, just ask Vince. I mean, some of those bridesmaids were pretty good. You know what I mean? They were pretty good. Um, you know, I love when somebody No matter what league or sport was talking about. I love when somebody comes in, that is, you know, counter to what has been either verbally espoused or schematically. Implemented for years, and they've got a different notion. Now. Chip Kelly was that way. Didn't really work out, though I do think In large part, his NFL tenure is largely underrated. I mean, like he had a couple of decent years he did and games he did you know the whole thing with Riley Cooper went sideways. That was a bad look that lost in points rightfully so, but You know, I think people misremember Chip Kelly was actually producing point being chipped came in with different concepts and different thoughts. And it was interesting, and it seems like Urban Meyer's company with same Different thoughts but the same way of being different and I think that's fun for us, and I think it it forces people to to adapt and you'll get to see just how smart some of these other franchises are on the flight. Yes, adjusting BT I said When we're talking about this in the slack channel, who did I compare him to Sean Payton right. A matchup is he's searching for matchups. Right, John. He would do this with Jeremy Shockey. When Jeremy was, you know, one of those early I got a mismatch. Tight end. You're gonna how you cover him. Put a line back out there. CIA put the safety back there. You have no shot because he's so big. And so urban Meyer is searching for matchup advantages, and that's how great offensive minds are able to take advantage of a changing NFL because it is changing used to never see this. We're running back with, you know, spend a lot of time outside of the backfield. I think we're seeing Maura and Maura and Maura of this, especially as he's running back, coming out of college arm or and more diverse like Travis Ctn is, you know, we want a church it up right? And we want to make it seem so elaborate, but the end of the day in the corps, the corps, you know, message point in the NFL, and from it often support of you is Get your fastest guy getting the ball in space. That's right. Maybe really matter how you doing? We're doing where you line them up. What he did in college. How we gets the ball. Just get in the rock and give us some space. Right? Football is not rocket science. That's it area. Take. Let's get the update Act is on top of that. We'll get to inbounds out of bounds at the rags update. There's some rumblings will hit this coming up at four Eastern one Pacific that Kawai could be poised to bounce from L. A. So we have a lot to do but inbounds at about his next at their act, Who's right now he is rich. See me? Yes. Where sports flag guys. The Bangles have reason to look forward to the start of next season. ESPN is Adam Schefter reports that Joe borrow is all systems go to start the opener, According to the doctor that performed reconstructive knee surgery on the former number one overall pick the September 12 opener will be a little more than nine months after the procedure. Took place. The Wizard started the season three in 10, but showed great improvement and have a chance to advance the plans for the first time in four years. They take on the Celtics tonight in the play in tournament with the winner moving on the.

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