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Y how what are we doing here? It's all about love grace and truth. Serves difficult to embrace change. If you don't have hope for a future difference of opinion is a strength. Not a weakness doing great. Things requires great growth is all about me. All about me. I'm Jen and can't casino David. And this is the epic podcast. Your weekly dose of mental foreplay and this week, we are talking about why we're doing this thing in the first place. And how we got here going way, way back to the basement. At a crew at accrue, eleven to conversation on a weekly basis. Kind of our version of a search for higher. Truth church of sorts and I want to have size that word conversation because we really ever having debates. Sure, we were going through, and there was scrutiny being applied to ideas, but it was always an positive uplifting manner. We were investigating trying to find out that, that higher truth. And then as we did that it seemed like it encouraged us to dream inspired us to act and out of our, why why we are meeting. We put together a conference is pretty cool. Pretty ambitious just a couple of folks, and I would say it was a success. We can lose money. And it's. I lose money, I guess. Yes, there, the bills were paid. And it was a success by the people who came stamps, absolutely people want to know what was next, and that's, that's where we met team Tico, and Tina that are with us today, we've come a long way we've gone from a basement to conference to awebber site to a podcast now and this is operatives to kinda share our journey with you all. So why we're here what we're doing any hot takes out there. So it was my basement. Ossis basement and realize most people be on audio such should say my name here in the great way, it north northern Michigan. And the journey is actually really cruel to hear kind of. Yeah. That is a lot of us met at a church, but not all of us David, and Christina or Tico Antena, we met them at the conference, and, yeah, it was about, where we're gonna go from here, because one of the big things we took away from that time in the basement is, like it's great. If we have this nice little kind of family atmosphere, and we all know each other really well. And we've grown a lot and become close and learn things. But at some point, we kind of looked around and realized so what else why why? No, all this stuff while earn all this stuff. It's, it's not to do something about it. And I know for years, I was a pastor in the church. World Christian Church World. And there was kind of this disatisfaction. I felt all the time in a lot of people feel is this great, we meet in our church building every Sunday morning. And we you know, hug each other's like each overseeing the petty chubs back. But what are we doing? Are we doing anything out there in the world? We actually getting his message or getting what we believe out there. And while we're a long way away from those kind of church concepts in a lotta ways. It's still was kind of that core desire to do something and these something to the world that, you know, we started. And yet, now Erie are wasn't too. That was very true. Twenty sixteen. So now in twenty nineteen low MG. So it's been a journey some have come and gone, including your own for while. And now you're back talk about it. Time. Every time in this first episode. I'm not wrong. And so far true every episode talking right? Yeah. That, that scrutiny of ideas really just. So

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