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Offi Cup today I am rob sister no welcome back to rob as a podcast talking about episode number three of survivor island of the idols and we've got a really great show is possible we can either vote out tom than upset Aaron or Dane or we can try and bents and therefore key Dean Tom and Erin ever tell anybody but when you go to an island of the idols and they know you might have one I think it's always best to come back in like I did win Elizabeth Elizabeth you I know you've been the island of idols I want you to I found one we can use this alliance we have let's use together perhaps if he had told her that she would have been let you guys snow I did find one I'm going plant now out in the open and it's over and by doing that would have saved himself so do you tell everybody before tribal council or do you only tell your closest most trusted allies would tell my most trusted closest allies but I wouldn't tell them I founded out say I found live for us we can use this if anybody feels like we need to play it tonight on somebody let me know we can I'll give it a whomever like these tonight is only good for two tribals and then town it's it's worth more to try to use it to build trust and actually use it to save yourself if you can really get the trust in the alliance to work together do you like these advances ages and idols of the much like your advantage that you found in your season do you like these things that have expiration date you know watch it on TV it's it's Kinda makes them more interested in but I'm not a really a great fan of of outside less idols less advantages on watching it I just love the strategic gameplay on the relationship part and on but I don't know I don't I don't really have a feeling one way or another when I realized that mine would only be good for three boats I was not happy about it and so I'm sure they're not righties but what love is that when you go if you say you don't want to take the risk to Rob Rob will up the Ante Oh what we make it good for three next three boats foregoes I thought that was kind of appealing if he said that to me I would probably go still not convinced can we go for five boats out to try to haggle with them and I think he would on extended but I think that's an interesting element as well yeah it would have been interesting to see what would happen if Vince didn't jump in and say that he we do it right away if they would've made the mission easier or if they would have laid let the idol be effective for more tribal councils they would have said trauma counselors I don't think they would have made it easier but I'm just like so fascinated by this whole thing of all man if I'd gotten opportunity go to other tribe and sneak there man had been all about it out have been trying to get information out of tried to see who asleep beside each other because that tells you everything if you ever on survivor people the where p asleep that tells you the true allegiance if they're sleeping together their site each other their little huddle in a corner by the fire wherever they go that's the alliance in so out have been looking around out of probably tried to instead of taking fire if there were no fire at camel take the pots I'm GonNa take their Flynn I'm GonNa try to take something back there would have been on a little more exciting but yeah or was injured and then like you were talking Stephen I wonder what would have happened if people had woken insane Oh my goodness what do you try and could he have potentially got nobody up and said hey everybody does will let you know I'm bents I'm from the other rob I'm here no one else knows I'm here to give you some dirt on what's going on at you know at least I mean could he have done that or do they tell you can't interact with people now about what was fascinating I love that part yeah no that's really interesting and then what if he could have woken them up and said hey I need to get some fire that was my mission can you help me out with this could he recruited anybody to help him with get the fire back going yeah it's fascinating to know exactly where the guardrail those are in terms of what he was able to do but that would have been hilarious to see you sneaking into less sue and then going in and stealing their fire waking them up and doing all sorts of pranks on them then they would have blamed it on Wendy again you couldn't let the chickens out it is I would have done it that is so fun I thought the whole thing the whole dynamic I just thought it was great ron when you talked about how you can tell where all the alliances are by where the people are sleeping in in the game with that something that you use the comma or is that something that you used after the merge on me it was something that I noticed quickly at heard it before so it's not something came up with but I just tried to pay attention to it and then it common you can kind of see he woke up one night I'm sitting there Julian US lab aside each other every night so as Juliet and Julie and Eric and we're all together and then I looked over and Aubrey and Joe and Aurora while the far end and then the other six of us we were all huddled together and like wow this is really true and then you as as the nice go on you keeping you notice the different dynamics people go to sleep by the fire people who sleep in different huddles and what's funny is the night before I was voted out a my woke up and I was completely by myself under the Shelter Norma sleeping beside me while we're on this happened and it crossed my mind I wish I had to give it more credence but I didn't it's really telling so could you use that to your advantage in any way is there a way to like if you think you're on the outs like should vince go and sleep next to you know the people that he perceives to be the people that are calling the shots or could you you know throw people off of like okay this person is my closest ally so I'm GonNa go sleep next who somebody else potentially is also helpful because let's say for example you're Krishna unless they Christian knows everyone's going to vote her out on when she goes to sleep if she goes to sleep I no one's going to go live aside her because if you do other people are going to notice that and then you don't ladder because she's probably going to turn over you whisper hey what do you think for the boat did a no must have given that conversational tour so people will avoid her so as someone who's in the game It just kind of it lets you know on but if you feel like oh my gosh I'm on the house once League Musab me is really important you to get yourself up and plant yourself somewhere different if you're asleep and you wake up but no one's around you if people are talking around the fire you better go join that conversation like insulin tell increase you gotta fight on the bottom come on the name out there do something and on she was so defeatist like I'm too old and I'm thinking what you're too old come on now you're kickin what are you talking about two oh two different hate that mopey wanting attitude unlike come on on pick yourself up go put yourself in the conversation there's always more it to be done on survivor and nothing's ever nail in the coffin and you could always go and have a conversation with somebody changed their mind because people on survivor now like I said when Russia they once you get the taste of blindside you want more you want to be shocking this do something different and so it may be the people are easily willing to listen hey did you think about this what about that they could change their mind in a moment so just never give up Ron could you talk a little bit about what you think that Krishna was going at that tribal council last night where she was getting up and walking around and of course you're no stranger to these types of Shenanigans at the tribal council you were err on the famous pilots passengers and Julie Jumping ship so what do you think that Krishna was trying to say to the women that she was talking to I think it was just affirmation from the looks on their faces it wasn't she was saying something new or she was presenting a different idea I think she was probably Dan something like if you please for me I'll be lower to forever APLOMB issue I'm with you appreciate I wanna be part of your team let's keep this all female alliance I think she was just going each person is reaffirming their ear I'm here I'm down I'm your vote unloyal she wasn't trying to say hey I have an idea because if she had Not Calls Much Commotion Right there would have been more like that tribal council that you guys were at where there were new ideas being presented okay let me let me talk to my manager you see what I can do and more people would have gotten up and had more side conversations exactly but do you think that somebody in Christmas position was that her being leaving no doubt that she was going to be the person to stay or do you think that put her in danger by getting up and walking around at the tribal council that I think she probably could have put some fear invents on so as she was going from girl to go to girl I was thinking all you should finish it off by going to events if you all of the females and then good events was his ear were still together I think that would have made more sense to me but the fact that she didn't go to him like all he's definitely don't play as he didn't I can't wait to you find out why he didn't but I think she was a risky move for her ron what do you think was going on with Quinn charisma cut her hand didn't that seem very odd that nobody seemed to be paying any attention to Christmas injury so you've gotta be careful like when you're out there yet no well you win with the night but you've also got to be careful with people because people decide hey let's do this please put me out and so everybody watches who does she talk to who does she go to the watering hole wit and you don't WanNa be the one she's walking to the watering hole with because everybody may say a Christmas on commits this person to work with her maybe we go that personnel instead so I took it as that she was on the far house she's over there she's cut her hand it wasn't that bad she was like I can see my bone like just a little bit of blood was coming out those little dramatic but if you're the one that's over there comforting her and she the one that's on the far out on a target on your back but honestly if I'd been there I would have gone over in Omaha goodness you're care UK but then would've left her own because when I saw it wasn't really that bad on she's bending over she's putting her hand down which is something you don't do you're supposed to elevate soon as I walked in under slyke I don't really know what's going on here honestly I'm sure Krishna is a lovely person in real life survivor changes you but I think survivor charisma would have annoyed me to no end on the island just because of her Oh my goodness I'm getting voted out don't know what to do cut my hand just that whiny type of attitude then at one point she says Oh I wish people would start playing survivor dude their place or bothering to play the game on your complaining no one else was playing survivor you're not playing survivor so I don't know an unfortunately however is such a mean game where that somebody could be hurt and if a person is sort of like on the outs of the power structure of the tribe that they don't get it as much attention as somebody if we say so Chelsea or Elizabeth or even MRI that if one of them had the same injury everybody Belmont Oh my God are you okay right.

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