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And i remember my dad on the sideline doing this kid that's it he didn't care about the twenty and i just do a push up and find find your ear pad everything but uh always supportive always had the overarching thing about the team mass when we we didn't throw a ton but did you we did you play the to carry out your fakes as a linebacker he said that's going to help your you're running back uh are you winning you know and conditioning all those elements and he just wanted you to just enjoy the experience because he knows just like everybody in here knows this game whoa help prepare you and propel you long beyond this so at least enjoy it while you're in there it's going to be some months pale days you and i still i i still rely on him now but i wish you know the cause could be about you know that third down 'cause there you know we're we're we're we're talking about other quarterbacks thirddown caused yes still very special and we appreciate you come in on this is great thanks for for coming in being with us yes links charge apps or is what an honor what an honor thank you george thank you come back on attack each day thank you to george whitfield for that very insightful talk conversation about being a quarterback coach quarterback send and get a chance talk about san diego where we both spent a lot of time i know he still lives there an and down i don't miss it but i love going back so he ah he's got he's got san diego taken care of right now for me but now from from twitter big housego blue one.

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