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But i think even even dante was smart enough to find some marketing in these opportunities to get a guy lewin. His guys a big fight. You know you still getting survey. Berg remains to earn and don't eat. That was trevor brian. Brian belt this on a do. Wb regula so you know Yeah i just hope that. The harry right. Let me double check. I think he might have the into room Bryant and someone else's irregular think might move was the regular. Let me double check because you know after talking to give birth. Oh yeah regular. That's crazy because bryant has never had a mandatory. The the regular is the one that's gets all the mandatory the super champion like the franchise champion doesn't do mandatory so i've never heard of trevor bryant in a doubly be wnba mandatory ever ever. He's been there for like the last four years and never right now six number one so they could fight trevor bryant for that. Wb regular and they knock lewis. Will tease number two. Andy ruis number. Three and andy might be getting. They might throw andy at that. Do trevor so that he could get the regular. 'cause then right away you know eddie. Her would do some sort of fake mandatory. They always demand because remember when luis ortiz because they do call the mandatory. Excuse me every now. And then they do. Call the mandatory remember. Louis was the mandatory but then he like issues and matchroom them. Let them go so the. Wb hilarious man but look wild is number five. I don't dinner who's fighting. Oh he just lose daniel what I didn't even get to see that fight. How was that second round knockout in and let me tell you something daniel. He didn't look tentative at all. I like the way he looked. He even kept guard down a little bit he eat. You know blocked what. He wasn't concerned about taking punches. If because he's under new trainers the mcguigan or or booth us under. He's under a shame. Shame mcgregor barry son or something. Yeah i mean it was only two rounds he will. He looked pretty good. You know I think he looked confident. He didn't look like he was he was. He looked more confident than and you did. And i think that's what i was trying to measure it by. He looked more confident. Andy he looked like he was he was coming forward. He wanted to mix it up and he was trying to set up that power shot he came out trying to beat the would he be different. Day wa or dynamite dame dubois and he's back to that dynamite. You know that. That dubois. If i was a elimination bout so he might be getting shot at bryant pretty soon and if anybody can do business with don king is definitely going to be eddie hearn and earn head to go. The heard listen. It's open up the phone lines. Look like fabio world still in sparring or something fun like that. So in the meantime. I wanna go ahead and take some phone calls. You want to call it and give us your opinion on Whatever box topic you've been hearing speak about do so one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time to voice your opinion right here on. The voice of the people hotline. Don't forget you can also add mr gibbs on skype to part of the conversation and you still have an opportunity to drop a question. Four fabio wardley before he jumps on right now. I want to go to the super chats real quick before we go out to the phone lines. We got Andrei dakota says baba's cheap plain and simple. What are we going to understand. That james prince can only do so much for his clients. He can definitely take his clients away from them. And bob knows the james's bought people out their contract before. So you know our jones aka guy though. I believe right. So as i remember. Ej was which accord asking really top rank. Laughing out loud movie. yes man. I don't remember that but you know It's it's so you know people used to call me a pbc fan boy for years. Because i've seen the freedom that al gave his fighters and and i think it comes because how was in the music business and he knew the artists were also locked into contracts and and music deals and shit. And i think he came into this business trying to do things differently and we see now that his way is the better way we see. Now that he gets it done he gets done. Don't get me wrong at guar. Ahern's gets it done as well. But you know eddie to receive any hate. Eddie has always been congratulated for the things that he's done whereas you know i'll get shamed and and you know talked about in type of things A low key dude from ohio. And he's you know secretly running his industry with a very basic business principle. Is that if i do good business i'll attract more business. I don't know about all the good. I mean Yeah good business. Yes but some of this matchmaking. They got their own diet going on as well. Pb selfish boxing in of itself. I mean we talked about it the other day. You do certain things to build fighters you do. Certain things to build five is in we. Pbc is by no means northfield to your nonsense. No by no means perfect me. No entity is perfect but the truth is that some are better than others. Mma is politics the lesser of two evils. You to vote for one guy in the other guy but you realize they're both politicians in this sport. You got bob you got margot in you have al through most part of me. I'm not even count oscar. But you know what i'm saying you have. What's and you pick the best of the worst of the worst of best. Yeah i mean. Listen there's no justification for fights like You know whatever's going on on june nineteenth. They drop into ball. Look i guess what they're doing with. Jamal is. Bob is dealing with chicago but the differences. That at least jamal knows that he can. He can hold out because our will get him. That fight al has proven that anybody wants to hate on how cool but wilder desperately needed a name on his resume. He got him. Luis ortiz. And tyson fury laura wanted canelo. He got him. Trout wanted canelo. He got him daniel. Jake's wanted canelo then you jacobs he got him you know. Caleb will probably get him. You know Out has gotten his fight as the now you know he didn't get paul williams mayweather but remember. Paul had the accident he did get pole. Cannella like there's gonna be some diet. But he's getting his fighters that are not extremely popular not television friendly dino jakup's laura trout those dudes are not gennady. Lufkin they do not tell the network. Hey i bring excitement. Those dudes were opponents and he was able to get his opponents a big fight. You know cannella in need to fight trout. He was waiting for koto to beat trout. He could've swerved that fight. That's how did a good enough deal for cannella. The tape and unified at belt. Laura definitely need to get that kinetico fight. How did that so you know. Let's let's let's remember that. There is no list the fighters that we can go down and be like well. Bob got so and so that fight like he don't really do cross promotion phase. He don't really look at what the new headline is. I mean. you've seen it. You wanna pre pro. Now what the fuck cop. And just say the worst her words. I read my life. I'm paraphrasing but. I'm pretty sure it was worth for where he said if bob bob allows joe smith to fight daniel jacobs. Joe smith will make the first multimillion dollar pay day of his life if he allows worked for me. How you going to allow me to do something. And this is what i'm saying. Show me the history of fighters. Like i just gave you the bob got them the big fight on another platform. The bob sent them over to enough. Because that's what that's what. That's what i did here. You go cannella. And golden boy Us laura yawkey us trout eddie yuka used. You could use daniel jacobs with zone cannella here. You go jesse vargas you go go..

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