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For a visit. Today, accused of superhero fans, books of his perhaps surpassed by the keys of superhero films and their inevitable universe building offspring to match. But it wasn't always the case, long game of trying to create Honi world with like sprinkling of credibility rather than just one of cinematic events is relatively new concept, and it could certainly be argued that Christopher Nolan's dark Knight trilogy a reimagining of Batman with a grim tone and some brutal realism helped to set that modern template. The night film is ten years old this year, and recently multiples Ben Ryan met its production design. Nathan Crowley who's also helped create the look of such hits as interstellar and Dunkirk. They spoke about how the night's approach to the Cape crusader spoon tributes tent poles and copycats. You know who I am. Your friendly neighborhood, Spiderman misery, misery, misery. That's what you've chosen. I, uh, for new friendship, new spat in my face. How many times has man being adapted full? The big screen three, maybe four times the answer eleven times in twenty eighteen coming book. Movies have carved out their very own genre, and it's a lucrative one since the premise of iron man kicked off the marvel cinematic universe in two thousand and eight. That studio has raked in more than twelve billion dollars in box office takings back in two thousand and five. However, things were a little bit different. One, brothers, Batman franchise had been laying dormant since nineteen ninety seven. When George Clooney's stand put a freeze on any future films, everyone..

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