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For your listeners and your supporters so we created a special discount code mark white those faces m a r k w h i e awesome you said flow you'll get ten percent off your whole order thank you so much guys i appreciate your kindness appreciate what you're doing to encourage motivate other people through a successful business thank you for having us on you're helping us yeah plus with our mission the word and song what's possible you guys are always welcome on the mark white show thank you for joining me y'all be safe out there safe travels i know you're you're traveling around the country take care guys and if listening to john and mark doesn't touch you i don't know what will thank you to john and mark cronin with john's crazy socks for joining me i really appreciate the message that's being sent not through just their voices but through the business what an amazing business don't be discouraged if you have something that you dream about you have a goal then try to achieve that goal listen to john go back and listen to these these efforts that have that have actually been recorded and put on my page my website the mark white show dot com and i hope that you're encouraged through previous interviews all the way back to random mccreary when the very first show happened november third folks when we come back we're going to have mr art adams he is with leaving the pit behind we're going to talk about some special issues there and and he'll be on the line with us i hope you'll stick with me you are listening to the mark white show and i'm your host mark white.

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