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And a couple of other classical musicians vanessa peres they'd played violin and piano and you're taking the show on the road they play their instruments you sing as well as do some spoken word poetry that kind of thing no i didn't know that you could sing but you can we'll everyone concerned everyone can sing well everyone canceling did you like singing i mean there you are seeking i feel pretty i was feeling about that sleep brigadier myself i felt stunning transit feel pretty today i'm about a six today maybe six fall behind me a little bit more pretty i hope new worlds is coming here to theater and they hope they're filming it for a movie but they have to film up for some of or something like that so we bill murray singing gloves the best one it is okay here we go priscilla presley across the studio and this is another perhaps a little known facts that you actually attended uninvited elvis's funeral i did i did i was here working for senator levin something made me want to go back when they had standby on airplanes and i was the twenty seven person on standby and i got on the plane and i just went right to the to the house and they just ended this sort of visitation and i met a fellow that i knew there was talk for and the next day i ended up in the bus in front of the cortege and it was an amazing thing to see an extraordinary thing hundreds of thousands of people standing in a in a really hot day and and and and waiting in underneath overpasses waiting in the shade so hot and every sign every every burger king said the kings salutes the king and everything at a sign on it and we got to the to the.

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