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Again i said tim like look i don't wanna reveal too much of the conversation comes on but harry carson way twelve years lynn swann waited a decade those guys stroll around not with with their bus and their jackets they're happy to clamp and not a single pro football famer looks because he waited a longer than this person he's less worthy it's again he's he's made his decision and he is going to stick with it right now but for any writer basically say i wasn't i wouldn't have voted for that i don't even coming this that has nothing to do with it did he ball out on a field well enough to be an appropriate ball fame yeah you're yea or nay these guys coming out here now you shouldn't have vote the first place this is what you're gonna say yeah your name so look he's decided not to come i think we should use the coaching phrase of i'm here talking about only the guys who are here that's it and when it's time to get his his do during the ceremony he'll get the magic they're gonna play the video they'll treat it like it's a posthumous moment for an inductee and that'll be that just kind of wanted to throw that out there here on the show now as for the guys who are here the seven eighths of the league that's that's showing up what's going on with leading on bell owed del beckham what's he when he he shows up mark ingram for the saints cleal mac for the raiders that's kind of sneaky under the radar aaron donald still isn't have deal for the rams you've got also earl thomas ain't he's not coming we'll julio jones show up for the falcon it's right jalen ramsey for the jaguars these are just some built face names now what does it mean when it all comes down to it when toe meets ball hardly anything because nobody holds out into the season earl thomas though.

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