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Lends a lot of energy uh two about location in newport just you know it it the design is very striking now up your wine program is a little different at a leah than it is it vine in ironwood i believe this a little bit more emphasis on california selections can you tell us a little bit more about that russ 'cause i know the white areas one that's very important to you and your partners oh absolutely uh we we definitely you know trip all of the the great wine but we found throughout the years and you know put those on by the glass uh we try to add about 25 wind by the glass alltime back road paid uh uh throughout the year so we don't have that are but we also get a lot more emphasis on firm in our next napa valley california uh even from oregon uh winds that are by the bottle uh because we know the news for pete's market you know is pretty wind saudi and uh we've got some you know uh uh items that are a little bit more unique and hard to find uh so we includes those onto our wine must as well now tell us about the captain's table and how that relates to the wide programmer can relate to the wind program so we built a little kathan cable in the back portion of the restaurant in it is uh is surrounded by a working wine room as well as refrigerated uh why and uh temperature controlled wine bottles uh bad lose you know something that we took from the wind elements in san clemente uh because we have the kathan tabled air that people really enjoy uh so you know we we we knew we wanted something that was uh allegations again know comfortable uh and kind of surrounded by you know our wind program but is also used as kind of a working wind space and uh you know people are really enjoying it it's located closer to the back part of the restaurant so it's a little bit more quiet uh and uh we're glad we put that in their snow nice touch now you were mentioning uh in orange county it's also important to have a very serious bar program adult cocktails give us a little bit of an overview arrests of what you're doing in that area that again is not the usual so we do have a crafts cocktail program as every one of our locations.

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