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Um first say i would just so to get taxis my come on a hill an an ask questions the people now we're getting older i do more resist batman in ninety nine to foul them there was no internet uh now there is some able to research much more on a goes either remember requires much now as i did when i was twenty mmm so what one quick question in one of my friends brought this to my attention how do you deal with currency so i mean it seems like there's a water pitfalls in terms of using currency of basically being ripped off all the time this audit what mechanisms do you use to deal with that as a little potential pit bulls bidders pounds uk the different sizes and also euros a different silas so i can sail ovalles fail room and just go the bigger nerves of the black us dollars an over currencies on an will difficult saying size anthony organized on i am proposal when i can just in hostile all some woman staying way or go into a bank and ask or the bank tellers and hilmi's eight the embassy i can use the buttons venizelos read the screen and then account of counting the money and keep putting in order the one dollar bills henson siro hold protons and bina secondplace atlantic accounting remembering you didn't get rich saw mass bother travelling yes i guess i can i can see how you have your system in your wallet where you can pushed the different denominations in different areas are full at bills accept tre but i guess in i maybe there's no answer but when someone gives you change they can say oh here's it twenty but it's really a one is there any it what would you do there um so in a retail plaza show a stool against count the money for me and tell them what ones on saw unusually either get ripped off because there are people around you can say that has happened in hostels pita deposits online game it's endall upper kitabaganda bullock his birthday they later go night back the he was attendance unamir warm so that happens his life.

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