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You know what I hate TV companies. Specifically, spectrum. Everybody has an issue with the corporate industry that houses cable, Internet, and landline services all in one package for a set price. But nobody is hated more than the juggalo fuck itself. Comcast. Okay, besides Comcast DirecTV, damn it, we're talking about spectrum. This corporate monopoly has been around since 1993 going under the name Charter Communications. And over time, branded itself as the terrible contraption we know today as spectrum. Here's a rundown of how spectrum works. Essentially, spectrum is a brand that's marketed as a communications company in which you can purchase TV, Internet and landline packages owned by them for certain prices. When you think of spectrum, think of a company like optimum or Verizon Fios or Time Warner cable. I'm not joking. Time Warner cable already one of the worst cable services ever was bought by and merged with charter back in 2016 along with its bright House services, which made charter the third largest TV company behind AT&T and Comcast. This acquisition would later be branded as spectrum and ever since then customers across the country have experienced some of the worst services imaginable. Let's start with what happened post acquisition. Because many people were owners of Time Warner and bright House services, you bore bastards, millions of customers had their schedule appointments to have new spectrum tech workers come to their houses and install the new spectrum equipment. I know this happened because back in 2016, teenage me moved upstate with my mom and the only available service where we were was of all fucking things, time, Warner, cable. A rather obvious massacred, but hey, at least we got new, cool looking spectrum equipment that doesn't fucking work. I have no idea how many times we've had to fucking replace remotes, cable boxes, how I even wanted to just switch houses to see if that worked. And I bet it fucking wouldn't have. Spectrum's products were and maybe still are old recycled Verizon and Time Warner products that were refurbished for the spectrum brand. So these fucking products are very clearly not top tier for a company like spectrum that's bigger than fucking Verizon Fios, but maybe the prices are good, right? Cheese is fun. The price is spectrum offer you versus the price you have to pay on your Bill is like night in fucking day. Or like Elizabeth Olsen and her twin sisters, God, those twins are ugly. Here's an example. My current spectrum plan should be about a $150. The bundle for TV, Internet and landline alone comes to about a $100 and I'll add $50 for taxes and fees. So you'll want to hear what I actually pay 200 fucking dollars. Spectrum has no fucking show when it comes to putting fees and charging you more than advertised. It's fucking criminal how different the prices are from marketing to the fucking Bill. On the website, I'll be paying around $45 for Internet when bundled with TV. I actually pay $65. What the fuck? And it doesn't stop there. 1799 for a broadcast search charge? What in the name of Christ is a broadcast surcharge? Are you charging me money for the service that I'm already paying money for? And it's $20 more? Who came up with these prices? Now most of you are listening in horror as you're probably thinking, but why not just switch companies? That's a good question, and it's also the major reason why spectrum is so damn successful. Spectrum targets areas that have little to no competition. And that's not just rural America where there's nothing but tumbleweeds and farmers. I live in a city where a large group of people populate the area, and even here, the only competition spectrum has is frontier, which is for people going through dementia, DirecTV, which will shut down services when it rains outside for more than 5 minutes. And dish, which is just like DirecTV. Spectrum gets away with $20 surcharges for imaginary broadcasts because there's no other place you can really go for cable. And because of that, they can Jack up the prices from $100 to $200 without even thinking about it. I hate spectrum. It needs to be broken up because of how big it is and the government needs to do something about all the false marketing that it and other companies like it are doing to customers. Until then spectrum will be making money at the cost of all of us. So if you're with spectrum right now, God bless your soul and May he have mercy on it..

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