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Homicide we saw sex offenders among that group of individuals and a large part of those people that were charged ahead of three or more prior deportations so she says it makes the streets of Arizona safer we will hear from the other side of the argument in just a moment but I want to relate to you study that was done by the university of California Berkeley this was in twenty seventeen one thousand Californians seventy four percent oppose sanctuary city policies at seven out of ten while at seventy three percent Democrats the according to the Berkeley study results included seventy three percent Democrats and sixty five percent Hispanics so you could say well there is a bias to group there in my study and I was in California has been firmly in the camp of providing sanctuary cities and sanctuary states right but those who are troubled say it's because lawmakers are running it down the throats right people all right so now to the other side of this argument in Tucson voters rejected a proposal by the way to make to sign a sanctuary city by about a seventy to thirty percent margin when that vote came up this is Billy peered he is an attorney who support sanctuary cities and who objects to the federal push to arrest illegal immigrants it appears to be more of a crisis effort to it from my perspective intimidate or scare local elected officials and local policy makers from you know an acting future policies or perhaps intimating them to repeal or roll back existing sanctuary policies of their city level so that is a perspective from both sides from another state where they don't have sanctuary cities but going forward because of this new ruling which happened less than what three or four weeks ago you can expect now that the trump administration may begin punishing by withholding funding to sanctuary cities that don't cooperate what we just heard of me you know withholding funding one thing but also enforcement action we heard last week about ice agents being at the San Francisco courthouse like writing for the court house arresting of folks who are showing up there who were in this country illegally and showing up there for court proceedings right from the courts yeah right on the court steps exactly and and the I mean if you want to go to the heart of a sanctuary city San Francisco would be it right now so we are starting to see a movie more visible enforcement well off to the road to go to Mister Brian Knowles.

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