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What's up. Everybody welcome to kinda funny games daily for Thursday. August ninth, twenty eighteen. I'm one of your host, Greg Miller alongside Tam Armstrong studio director, polytech. Mike over there says like, you know, a hundred people clapping exactly. There's a hundred people there outside a lot of people. You were the studio. I have you understand small operation but elevated operation. Yes. Some of the kids have talked about, uh, pulling back these curtains and doing like TRL used to have the kids lineup on the sidewalk with sign. I think it's against law, but I've thought about it. I think it would work. Glad you're on board. Bring you closer. Close with people? Yeah, these people the want me any closer, Tim, how are you? I'm doing good. How are you? Good. Thank you for coming down and joining us today. Of course. Studio director for polytech? Yes. The people who made moss, there's Quayle right there. Everyone knows. I love moss PlayStation VR title now on other VR platforms as well. Right? We'll talk about moss and reader mail and all that jazz. But for someone just joining us who doesn't know your entire pedigree, what's your elevator pitch for who you are on the games? Industry? My elevator pitches, I started a company on a college failed spectacularly to be a profitable business that happens did we did ship a game? So it was the game. We're very proud of that. It was called barnyard invasion. Okay, seminal, classic. You rescue farm animals and we ship that on downloadable in the era before mobile. Okay. And after that, I went to Sony online entertainment heard of them. Yeah, yeah. And followed that with bungy work on worked on the agency. Oh, that the MO shooter prior to destiny. Yeah. Yeah. I remember getting obviously it was a big DC universe, online person? Yeah, I was playing fast and loose over there with people doing stuff. And I remember doing interviews with how house last name escapes me, but he was the guy over for us. So we all worked with hell. He gave us the demo, the agency and ran his through it. And then when it got rebooted and stuff showed us all that stuff. And then I'm sorry, then you went to bungee. Yeah, then it went to bungee worked on odious tea and reach for those games destiny. Okay. Yeah, you destiny. So I worked on character engineering, I guess, generally so animation AI and performance of the the code relative to that stuff. Okay. Yeah. And then you said to hell this thing? Well, not exactly earned the desk. I loved bungee run. What actually happened is we were across the street from valve and they had their very early VR stuff sit up when it was fiduciary markers. On the wall. And I think I'm pretty sure it was literally cell phone panels while hot glue ski goggles on my face. And so the experience experiences a user wasn't great. But what I saw there was so compelling that couldn't stop thinking about it really and my co, founders we couldn't stop thinking about it. And so once we finish destiny and completed our duties there, you know, fix the bugs that we had sought ship successfully. We thought, well, this is a really good time, right? This is a good time to do something new, and it's not going to compromise the work that follows that we were responsible for. And so we took the jump and you started Polly, and we started in the middle of twenty fifteen cheese. And so what then Maass just released last year. Yeah. So what that's about two years. I mean from you guys starting your own thing launching your first game. Yeah, actually, for production reasons. I went back through the counter which was. Nice little trip down memory, and we did it. We did an early an early demo, flat shaded, everything. It had quilt from the beginning, had the book from the beginning didn't have much of anything else. And we did that and we actually worked on some other things in the meantime after that. And then when we closed our funding in twenty sixteen is when we really started on on moss full-time. So the actual full production of the game was really only about fifteen months. Okay, very aggressive, short timetable, you know? Yeah, seems like the Maas to should be pretty close, but we'll talk about that later for right now. This is kind of funny games daily. If you didn't know each and every week, Dan variety of platforms, we run you through the nerdy video game news and he's about if you.

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