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Good is Alexa bliss. She so good that she turns a fifteen minute up next bumper segment into something entertaining. Remember, did you see the backstage segment last night, where Alexa was talking to, to Nikki, and it said up next? And they would just talking to one another, and then some backstage hand walks up and Alexa, looks at him and says, hey, get me the coffee and then when he walks away Alexa, makes disgusted, Adam. In that fifteen seconds. She maximized her opportunity to get even more. He'll heat on herself it she didn't just look at it as a throwaway, like okay. We'll just stand here. And pretend we're talking about something and then up next Alexa bliss, Nikki cross. She took that fifteen seconds and she made me hate her a little more. And that's how good she is at what she does know wasted opportunities. She gets dealt a hand. She plays it to the max and most of the time, she wins, it's not about how great of an actor Alexa, bliss is. It's how great of a reactor Alexa bliss is watcher. Facials watch the way she rolls, her eyes watch. How disgusted she looks at people look at the little things she does. That's what makes her so damn. Good. And you know what's great about it to, like all the stuff that you're saying the fans know it, and the fans are booing her, like, you know, and it helps you have somebody like, Bailey. But let's let's, let's be honest, here Bailey has not been a top attraction for quite some time she was completely overshadowed by hit by the Rhonda, Becky Charlotte, even Sasha. And now Bailey is really making a comeback. And I think it's a lot because of Alexa bliss. Let's put that to decide for just a second what Alexa bliss has been able to do for NICKY cross where the hell was Nikki cross, and we didn't really know where they were going with NICKY, what they were doing with their character with their personality. But what a story that they're presenting on TV and again, just a manipulation of NICKY cross where it's not so obvious that you're watching at home and say, how is NICKY, cross this blind that she doesn't see and that's often the power of Alexa bliss. She has done a tremendous job. And I can't wait for that match with her and Bailey. Now Alexa, bliss kind of gets lost in the sauce. Maybe entering wise, when it came to like a Charlotte Aranda and Becky. She didn't seem like for me that she would be up the snuff when it comes to. Entering attributes with those grades. But you know what? Watching Alexa, bliss, the last couple of months. I don't think that really matters because when you comes to character and personality, I think she's unmatched. First of all, I gotta give props to NICKY cross just Nikki did a phenomenal job last night. Just sitting back and reacting to everything that was said. And when you see Nikki react to everything that said, that's like a Pavlovian thing whereas fans sin, you can feel her reacting, thus you wanna react. So Nikki had shock in her face. She couldn't believe the things that were coming out of Alexis mouth and at a Bali mouth and in selling shock. It makes the verbiage believable, I thought all three of those girls that an awesome job last night. And the thing about Nikki is, I don't think she looked stupid. I believe Nikki is coming across as this. Very innocent personality right now. Somebody that's looking for a friend because if you remember Nikki a couple of weeks ago, or whatever it was saying, you know, ever since I got here. I don't feel like many people have noticed me just like Nikki just looking for a friend. Yeah. We know that Alexa is taking advantage of her. And hopefully they do the same thing with Nikki's. They did with nyah when it came to the Alexa, story us, Alexis passive aggressive, bullying to help get Nikki over. It's working. It's working, and I actually liked this story more than Alexa, Nias story and let me ask you this now going back to what we talked about earlier about baby faces doing things that are not quite within their characters last night. There was a battle war of words between Bailey and Alexa, corrupt. Yup. Both going back and forth. You did this. You said this blah, blah, blah, each time somebody said. Something. The crowd is reacting. Oh, wow. Can't believe she went there? Why did Bailey drill Alexa in the mouth, she got it? She may. She took it to the next level, and she made a physical. Why, why did the baby face feel the need to make physical? It's a war of words, shouldn't the baby face win. It's almost like that's acknowledging the fact that Alexa, got the best of her. Correct. Interesting. It's very out. It's very out of character for me. So what Bailey is, basically doing is saying, you got the best of me on the microphone. Now, I have to punch you in the face. I mean we just played it. It's you know again when he talked about reality. What Alexa was saying was kinda true. She said Bailey peaked in annexed tea. And I think there's a lot of fans that watch WWE programming that would agree one hundred percent and what Alexa, add to say and the thing about what Alexa, does she has conviction. Even if what she was saying wasn't true about. Barely peeking because Bailey peaking in the WWE is her winning the championship. But she says things with such conviction that she gets the people to buy into it. She creatively inconveniently lies with the tone and inflection of her voice, not necessarily the words it's, it's, it's, it's a masterful job. That's eight presented smoke and mirrors, and she does a really great job with it. And I gotta tell you, you know who else is doing a great job. And this is a totally different way of doing a great job than Alexa is the iconic. Every time those girls come out, they are so effing entertaining. They are annoying, and they are entertaining, they share the same brain. They finish each other's sentences their timing. Everything about them. They do such a great job. Listen in the ring baby steps forward. Hopefully they get better. Their strengths is not in there. You know, incredible wrestling ability, their strengths. Is there entertaining? You know what I want to see what the iconic? I want to see them. Do a drive along. What's that? What's the show? Ryan does ride right along. I wanna see ride along with the iconic. I would have share a ride with the iconic that would be so funny to see them driving together and having like the follow. And no GPS allowed. They have to read an old school map. Oh boy. I think it would be entertaining because just seeing them. They're another there. Another act there that owns their verbiage, they get handed something and then they turn it into their own. Well think about what we're saying before wrestlemainia thirty five. What was what was dominating the women's division? It was Charlotte. It was Ron that was Becky now right now, it's Alexa bliss. It's it's, it's the icon. Nics you know, we're talking about Nikki cross that division has completely shifted with without a doubt over the last couple of months. All right. Let's quickly go to the bus. It open issue. Let's go out to our good friend, Izzy, in Orlando is he would you wanna say about Bailey and Alexa? So to be completely honest guys when WWE announced a less a bliss versus Bailey for the smackdown won miss championship at stomping grounds. I wasn't very excited. I was like I seen this before. I know what to expect can go down Bailey's gonna probably win the, the ba- the baby faces probably going to get over something like that. But ever since last night at the moment of bliss? I really liked that promo, and I'm even more hyped up. Now, I think a less a bliss. She was so real in that promo, and then Bailey on the other hand it was kind of cool to see that. She's no longer really the hugger and the girl that's going to be nice. She's going to be the hugger still. But she's gonna be the girl that will fight back. You'll matter what which I really like and it means her character is evolving. And I know I said this thousands of time. On the air, but it's really cool to see. So I'm for my prediction. I really want Bailey to win it stumping grounds that will the awesome, but I think and I'm going to say and I think for her character it's going to be really good if she loses because then it will be cool to see Bailey chase for the title because really Bailey's at her best when she chases the title. So I just want to hear what you guys think of that little comments or are the thanks so much for the phone call. I guess is summer vacation start already. Yeah. I think it started about a couple of weeks ago. So unlike all summer, vaca- mode. Nice. Thanks for listening to talk to you later. Izzy interesting that is he wouldn't mind seeing Alexa, drop this title and being chased mode. I think that's very telling, especially what we've seen over the last couple of weeks Bailey. I'm sorry, they say Becky Bailey. I don't know if she would have dropped the championship again. Do you think that Bailey had enough baby face? Team behind her in the first place to chase. Well I mean judging from the frustration from what we saw last night. You probably she probably needs to hold onto this title, little bit longer. I gotta tell you in history. And I've told you this on the show many times, they've the best heels we're the best baby faces. It is so easy to turn somebody like belly into a hill and have her take out all of her frustrations on any particular talent on the fans. I know they're not. They might not pull the trigger because she's very endearing to the young girl. She says a lot of merchandise yada, yada. But I could see her getting so frustrated and pissed off she snaps and I saw a little bit of it last night. She snapped Alexa, got under her skin and she couldn't beat her on the microphone. So she had a journal in the mouth. Now, when you see Alexa, bliss, and Bailey standing next to each other is Bailey, considerably bigger than Alexa. No, no. You think hit me? You think Alexa is tiny, I'd be wise. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Height Height wise. wise. Yes. Yes. So Bailey's, towering over her last night. Right. Barely drilled her right in the jaw with the forum, Alexa, didn't even go down. So you got frustrating as a baby face, you took the first shot and you couldn't even drop the he'll come on. I would have done that segment differently also could they be could could this segment that we saw last night? Be a hint towards something that could be happening over the next few weeks. I don't know. But I could see it because when I see frustration building in a baby face like that it's kinda like when the emperor saw the frustration building up in Luke. He's like good feed into your anger. Good, good, turn to the dark side. I saw that frustration in Bali last night, I would have done last night differently. Unless they're going down a he'll road with Becky then what they did last night. It's good because they could always go back to that. And say this is where the frustration started with her or they could use it as a as a connecting the dot point. But last to watch my world champion baby face get so frustrated that she had to pop the he'll in the jaw and couldn't even drop the he'll doing it. Sorry down. Yes. Now. Now the people were chanting for Bali. They did wanna see Bailey get up. I would have had Nikki. I would've I would've wanted to see a little bit of frustration in Bali. And I wanted to see Bailey, cut a look at Nikki, and maybe NICKY step forward for a second ago. Okay. Bali chill out. And as Bailey's, looking at Nikki, then Alexa, drills her. That's what a heel would do. That's what a heel would do. And now Nikki could feel bad for a second that she turned her turn Bailey to her. And then afterwards Alexa, could be telling Nikki Nikki, don't feel bad. You were doing the right thing. There's so many ways for Lexa two minute manipulate that situation. But to have the bigger world champion baby face drill a small, he'll in the jaw and not drop them. I'm sorry. I don't think they got the job done. You know what it's interesting what you're saying, because I didn't think of it at the time you're right. I. Well, here's the face getting frustrated enough that she got things physical. And then, by getting things physical didn't drop the he'll, I mean, that's very telling and bully, I'll even take it a step further. It's going to be interesting to see what takes place on Sunday because how can you continue this story? Who needs to win this match more? Is it Bailey in her really first title defense as smackdown women's champion or is it Alexa bliss? And where do you go with the story from there? It's going to be very interesting to see what takes place on Sunday. Bully side note, everybody's hitting me up on the Twitter machine. I guess the iconic did a ride along ready, did they? Yeah. Yeah. So, okay. I mean, it'd be fun to check out. I'd like to see them. Do a new one. I think they've been hitting their stride lately. If they did a ride along, there's probably a while ago. My plot. Title along since it was Jericho, and Mark entry. My, my point is that they are entertaining and they own what they do. And they're doing a great job with it. And as far as the story with Bailey and Alexa. Yeah I'm interested to see where it goes. I think Alexa has to get a ton of heat on belly. You have to you have to keep Bailey down. You have to make her cell and the people have to wanna see her blow a comeback. Thanks. 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