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They are sports illustrate made incredible body of war. I really appreciate the integrity is well on great job. We Love Luckily Bank keys. Kris menace these employed by sports illustrated. The announcers got it informed. This is the crossover. Nba podcast. You have a problem with it. Build a team that can beat of hosted by the One and thank. God mannix all right. We'll come back to the crossover. Nba podcast you for joining us. This week. At a great episode lined up for you and guess who is in studio. We're actually sitting across which we were in fake studio together last couple I thought you didn't disclose that infringe don't but sometimes like the audio can be so little off where people like. You can't be in the same rights sounded like we're in the same room. Did it though better than like a phone call. I what I find funny is when you text me about coming on the pod and then you say oh. I'm going to be in New York will be in studio together. You think that that is a positive like oh which should be more enticing to come on the PODCASTS. Because I'll be there. We'll be in the studio together quite the contrary well. Hansel now before the podcast which were I would like to remove that from my mouth right if you want to hear more about that conversation. Check the boxing podcasts. Later in the week. It's can I join you? You're welcome to be a friend of the boxing pot as well dual pocket under some soccer to maybe ice Sacramento. Not believe that you were quite the basketball player too. I saw on the broadcast on Sunday. The side by side picture of you watch dominant. He'll watch every yes he's the reason I worked twenty one. Yes all right we should get the real stuff because no one cares about the dominique same level. Yeah Yeah Yeah thanks. Let's talk about Sunday's game. Kyrie Irving makes his return. I gotTa Tell You. This is why you are watching the broadcast. This guy was watching fertilizer John Collins and see what he was doing no. I don't know if you were just interested in watching that's on yes. I- nets on yes number one broadcast team in the NBA. Except route goes on takes a slight dip. But you know Brooklyn's my boxing broadcast partners. Well I know in gradients here. Arched number is is just the worst but believe that got kyrie. Irving makes his return. A lot of I was a little surprised he came back. Be Honest with you win. All at what point at what point like when the counter turn to January. It's like all right. We're now into two thousand twenty. The team is not championship contender. This is clearly a significant problem. Gone well past the idea that Cairo was ducking plank in Boston. That happened a month and a half ago Do you now realize had. This is your players. Don't duck especially guys like Kyrie. Kyrie wants to go back to Boston and tour fifty like rats. What he wants to write always what he wanted to do. But I was surprised like given the shoulder injury. It didn't sound like he was getting much better. But then all of a sudden a few days ago he's back practice doing five one five and now he's giving it a go. What was your reaction to Kyri? Making his return on. Well I think we learned a lot more information when he spoke to the media A few days into the new year in him basically telling us that he was struggling with this because it wasn't getting better and he was going to see different specialists. Who was trying to figure out what was going on. And then finally got a cortisone shot on December twenty fourth and. That's where the trajectory of things his progress his progress You know Just everything how he was going about his rehab started to improve and so I think just as soon as hearing he spoke he said he he he kind of Said. I'm going to give it a week and see how it feels he. Of course throughout all of this was trying to avoid having surgery In went in by all accounts what we were hearing once because he'd had been doing non contact drills and he'd been on the court he been doing a lot of things but just didn't feel Doctors include everyone that he was cleared for context so got. The cortisone shot was feeling better in in that week. The Nets due to their schedule had a couple good practices And he was tremendous and back to you know the Kyri as we saw the other night I will say this. I was not surprised that he played You never know. I think with injuries. I think all speculation people from the outside not knowing what's going on I think can be really irresponsible. So the fact that he did play I was what I was surprised by in just was tremendous and fun to watch and I know Atlanta's not a world beater and of course trae young not playing just how highly efficient he was how fluid he seemed how you look at US numbers. He was ten of eleven from the field. Played just under twenty minutes. So the the point is this all just he. He looked so comfortable and like he'd been playing You know over the course of the last effective. Heedless missed the last two months and so that to me was was like wow. He looked like he looked very surprising. Given how much time that he's because I would say that about any player anytime you're not on the court playing you would expect there'd be a transition period. Yeah look for the I think one of things that might help ease his transition back into playing for the team is back that they had bad. You know prior to him coming back. I mean what was it losses in a row before the Miami? Seven seven zero And this was like on top of November. They started win a little bit and all those stories came out about our here. The Nets numbers without Kyrie Irving here. Their numbers with Kyrie. Irving people would say while they better without CA- which always nonsense I mean the guy. It's all nonsense but I also in in I've spoken about this at a decent amount. I think none of that ever took into account so he played eleven games early on not took an account. How many moving. Parts and new part there were on the roster in it of itself so for any team any new roster compilation. You're going to have a process where it takes time for guys to get used to each other so I think throughout the course of that care sliver of course getting hurt Throughout the course of when they were playing well a lot of it to me was guys get like a Gareth getting more comfortable Taurean Prince. Getting more comfortable Spencer Dinwiddie was not good at the beginning of the season and then he sort of playing in an all star level and obviously some of this created opportunity need playing time however I think there was so much focus and emphasis on what they were with and without Kyri that it didn't take into account at all just by nature. A new team with new pieces sometimes takes hot. But that's always going to be the case with Kyrie. After what happened in Boston you know is always going to be a contrast between what he did with. The team does with him on the floor with him without on the floor and I would say for any not just any star more so though because like there's the as Boynton surges. Maybe the Boston the established. But it's kind of established. Sort of like I kind of looking at the Celtics are and the fact that Kemba lights with the Anti Kyrie in Boston personality. And saying like you know. Kyrie's got a lot to prove in season like this and nobody questions his talent but it's the chemistry stuff and one thing I'm looking for in the next month if he continues to play the passing right like before we went out of the lineup. And that's I think we're twenty-seventh in the NBA and passing and then he goes out and the passing improves. Like does the ball stick too much when Kyrie's in the floor because he can do some unreal things with the ball. But that's not what this team needs. You gotta get everybody involved. You GotTa Keep Spencer Dinwiddie on this train. That he's on You. GotTa get cares. Levert back into Bacteria guys like Jared Allen and Joe Harris. Get their touches like. That's a big thing to watch. I think for Cairo the next month. I think that's a big thing to watch. I think that's a big thing to watch for any team in any offense however in looking at that and I think that was another positive to draw from the game against Atlanta in just the first game bet just how well the ball moved how everyone was getting touches. Everyone was involved. There was a ton of balance In in terms of spreading that out I do think though there's a certain balance of we even looked at some numbers of usage rates and comparisons of what Spencer Dinwiddie was doing and how much the ball was hit in his hands. How many ISOS? The Nets have been utilizing whether it was spencer whether it was torn reprints. you name it even when. Kyrie was not playing so again. I think I think it goes to. There's different ways there's different kind of viewpoints of taking a look at the ball sticking or isolation plays or when guys are going one on one versus is this a part of the fluidity of the offense so I think that that that'll be a major thing but that's that's a part of Kenya. Choson the coaching staff's job. How do we make sure everyone is involved? Do you think that there's pressure on Kyrie too? I mean look not win at Milwaukee or even a Boston type of level but to to prove that you can be the man on a team that wins with his group. Life is three months. Three plus months left in the regular season. What kind of pressure to think is on? What should the expectations be for the nets team with Kairouan? I I think there's a difference between pressure. I think there's a there's differentiating factors between pressure between expectations between goals In what this team is trying to do and I think obviously with Kyrie back. I do think it's such a major factor. Curiously vert being back is well. I think the fact that those to their time coincided together being out is something to take note of the fact. That liver wasn't playing as well. I think this team believes I'm not sure. You know looking at the standings looking to schedule. How much time is left can? Can you end up catching their in? What the should have this up the eighth eighth eighth spot. Now right behind the spot stinks like the The seven seven there in the seventh seventh just moved to Ha- but they were but I think theoretically your five year about five games out of the six. I think you look at you. Know Five Games six year. Actually see your eight games behind number three Miami so looking at Toronto theoretically goes your way too I mean how would who's like ten or eleven in that spot? I mean how far they behind Kaga was ten. Charlotte is nine so you got Charlotte. Charlotte is nine and they tear in the All Star Team Charlotte in their five games behind seven police. Therefore they're they're the four and a half games behind Orlando so some wiggle room there. I mean I think it obviously think about making the playoffs but I think he I think you theoretically make you still in your heads I think you you. I don't know what pressure you would look at her. Expectations should be but that four spot is that four spot available that four spot open to. You might be like you. But that's my point like I. I'm not sure internally Where the goals would be set at this point. I think it's less about less about standings less about where you land in the east more about. Are we improving team? Are we collectively get all of your questions? That are still questions of. What is our offense? Look like how was our ball movement. How are we making sure that we're balancing out? We have a now this this depth of player. We looked Kenny Atkinson. Who was looking for bodies before and now he's able to comfortably go ten deep in his rotation How do we make sure everyone is playing at their best?.

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