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Camera. I want to know how you became. Best Mates with Mary Berry. We have some cake wishes. Can I just say. Do you want to close the rain. All you come across red or orange. You'RE GONNA love it will. It'll be a little tipple but a disclaimer. Who knows what this is gonNA taste like? The icing is sweet. Sweet and there's enough for my world spilt flow. That's fine because you didn't like yeah. Everyone has some. Actually you know what it's it's I hate the word. It's moist strategy. Yeah well tell me about say something about morals. I have friends who hold accounts that say moist boy. Weird way to say that they're not really enjoy because you know when you're on stage and you say something a bit it's not weird but just just comes out your mouth thing. What why the? Yeah I did. That will the time. Yup so where we were and it was raining and I said Oh my God you poor. People must be soaked you wet and it just came out and said an burst laughing. I'm abandoning Laura Simon playing drums. And he's just fall apart and I'm just thinking Oh my God and then sure enough like a week later wherever we were to someone that comes with Gig again in the holder so it's a really unfortunate. It is pretty sore. So it's like a really it's a really old way of describing that condition if conditions. Should you know what I mean. I don't know what it is pretty much like. Well moist cake with good INST- tablet moist this. I mean I am definitely Abakar. But speaking of Baker's I'm yeah how on Earth did marry Berry playing drums uh-huh few best of all she was doing a show where the whole thing was about being a festival in the food festival. How you how you are at a festival you know and so? She taught me how to make muffins. I don't I don't Cook Toll Really I mean I can. I can feed myself if I'm on my own and also so look I get to eat in a lot of great places their work and stuff. I'm quite happy sometimes to go home and just beans on toast or not so much. Because I'm just kind of like whatever I'm over I don't need to but anyway. She taught me to make these muffins which were amazing. Well they were like they weren't sweet in in any way. They actually had some battle in the savory more savory and really amazing like really good actually kind of just you know I gone gone sweet with this wine. Nice go of it you know. I'm not it's almost two. Mois never be true emotion that I think it was my wife. She'd have the show. Rick teach Marielle to play drums so so an answer came back. Yes so we'll bring you up so we were doing this festival obviously vegetable council so she what. It was an amazing amazing. The whole thing was great really because it's very family festival and it was just a lot of fun so early on in the set we'd arranged marriage come up in the afternoon. I kinda showed her little on the drums uh-huh and what have you and When she came up old guns blazing secure? Men really will eat well. I wouldn't say a meanness in with all the love in the world. I wouldn't say she's going to be taken over for you. Know She's not going to be taken to see the food. Is Taylor Hawkins any day. Soon bullets bullets which is just the fact that she came out in front of thousands and thousands of people a proper festival and just let them some baking and what the perfect sequence into another carrier lives situation. You found yourself in bonkers you. When you oppose playing supersonic neck summer? Sonic in Japan. She's like supposed to be the most amazing festival planning. So it's a few flights and your massive foo fighters Fan mm-hmm. Yes well with in laws. I have a couple of friends and we have a midlife crisis. Rock band the only way we get away with it is because we always give the money to charity called Luddites. And we do little gigs around where we live. What we played shepherds Bush Empire by the way all the phone? We got some help too but anyway we did so. We only play like punky stuff from when we were learning. And what have you from Brad. We when we were teenagers and stuff and if the FBI numbers in their own oh no no no no we're talking like Sorry finest no. We're talking like for instance. If we if we listened we do sex pistols clash anything from when we were kids that we remember getting our first. We'll algae play this. How'd you do that? I like to say I ended up in a band. That was shadows freak. Nettie Love Your Book Freak A lot of the songs that bangs of the you know we you did a casing. We'd learn something that teenage kicks for instance. 'cause it's punks. The whole ethic of poems about almost anyone can do it. The couldn't put it felt like that so anyway so this midlife crisis rock band called the Luddites with my friends. We also murder some goofy songs so We do times like these. She's a bitch. Because I have to sing and drummer dave girl I would only say I'm Dave Grohl to be honest. I in your head you know. Yeah so anyway. I am very aware their music and I've been a big fan of this for years it. It wasn't just that night kind of thing and so we played at the festival of afternoon or IBM we would just hanging out. It was Japan. We all say we MOAI for bound crew those members as we were all a bit jet-lagged few years because we're don't we're like one moorgate somewhere in Tokyo in a diet so we don't have a few Biz and we got on the side out of the stage beyond a barrier watching the band and Dave grohl comes walking over. We'll move because we thoughts on guitar plays Chris was he'd come over. It's some other friends and we thought that was doing the exact same thing. We thought he's come into this. The must know these people as well. So we're all moving out the way and he'd come following me going and then he gave me a big hug and then we set a low and most of it goes back out. She's in the middle of this set. I'm like Oh the plane never met them so then he's out there and and and then all of a sudden the barrier is moved away half an hour later one of the tech guys hands me a Mike and Dave wants you from. Oh my God this is like for what what reason. Exactly what what K- POW watch star Lady Gaga singing shallow. I if only I were laid out in the re imagined it in a kind of faith because I didn't know this at the time but they nude Choon and I think it kicked around because they don't on something or whatever but I didn't know that obviously I didn't know that and so we just whispers in my ear says so so we're GONNA do yo tune but it's going to be a bit like Team Spirit. I'm like why would why would that not be happening right now. In in front of fifty thousand people in a baseball stadium in Japan. Yeah yeah this is a normal Friday night so I turned around to the audience and I wasn't trying to rock and Rola genuinely was not I just it just came out on me a bit like moist it right. I just screamed at the top voice. Come on your mother focus. Because I couldn't I don't know it was just like yeah. I was a yard in front of myself. I was about three steps in front of myself. Look at myself screaming ammonia motherfucker fuck anyway so so they kicked off and we did it and it was just really really good. It was really good form a year later or you will actually they did they. They come to London not long after that because the release of dot com album and so the texted and said you want to come to. So you'll think again my great you know so when the weird thing not night was it was like it was an arena. It was Britain. I wasn't at all it was kind of like. Oh Oh oh brilliant. It was really good because partly hung out with a bit before this time and hung out with him obviously in Japan after which we all did you know they were just really comfy with everybody as you know just proper people you know And then they did it they. They've reignited a festival from the seventy s and they curator and everything in California so we went into that and we hung out with them. Deeper friends well just got up and did that with you know what I mean. It's just I just think it's just fun. It's just a map with the other university to do but then within the the weird thing was that I call him Dave now cool. Yeah Yeah. He texted me and said I'm doing this thing and I may assist club. I'm going to go along and just play on the guitar. Song Tuna soon. Thought you might WanNa come on with just jam. So I'm not so Texas and yet Great Britain when is it. What are the best hunter best? These is just all hola that just really considering where they are where they've been what they've what they've dome the pretty amazing to be around the really comfortable people and there's just don't bullshit and there's just sort of you know when they actually go in there little jam room before they played warmed for stage it feels to me and maybe I'm talking shopping I shouldn't NBA. But I mean it feels to me like a bunch of young guys. You've just gone fuck it. We're going to have this. Do you know what I mean. It's exactly what you want it to be. It's not like their own leg in a limo. Each they might be. That's up to them. How they travel? I don't mean that what I'm saying. Is that come together this band to go on that stage and it's like the still a real her about too. You know what I mean. This is four found people so I got there and Romney. The keyboard player was there as well and so he came and we were just a news abandoned. I anyway So there's a bunch of gear on stage and then Dave as I now call him with saying saying well listen. I'm going to detract from the first album. Basically and then he said we'll do your choon and then he said we'll do ever long. which is one of the all-time Monster Amazing trucks I said? Do you want to play drums guitar now day. What are you talking? I'm not going well and he said well you know because he's seen me do a little bit. Yeah Well Bat and also we don't actually cover that filming off now but we got you bet like shit so I just said to him flat just said No. That ain't GonNa happen because I'm like the reality of that is something different discussing it over a beer in addressing room. It's like I dunno Jimmy Tournament because what I'm saying is the other times there hasn't been a whole time to think about it. It's just foo fighters line. I'm going to get up and sing a song of the Million Times as long as I do my bit. They're going to be the amazing. It'll be great when some Dave Grohl says. Do you WANNA play guitar. Drums melt lighted so. I said I'm not doing that. Dave anyway so take a bit moist next seidler in town. Okay right you can come and bring you Joe. The thing is what happened was so so they go up there the two of them. Dave plays the first song we the the plane away and then so the thing was I was meant to get up and sing. Never GonNa give you up with him and then and then he just goes into times like these. I'm like okay okay. I don't know what's happening now but that's fine. I'm for it you know I'm a fan. I'm with the other forms of ninety nine. People just thought. There's a drum kit bollocks so so I saw a scrambled onto the stage because it was like pack this place. You couldn't even get so I just thought right. I'm going I play drums for Dave Grohl. And that's going to happen right now. Here we go see stay invaded yes. Oh played like three or four months to choose and then we did Never GonNa give you up and then he ended with Evelyn. And did you plow not say but it was it was anyway it would just want to say it was. It was the weird thing is yeah. It's it's if it was a friend doing it. I wouldn't have battered eyelid. But it's almost like don't get me wrong. I'm not being sycophantic offensive but I'm thinking there's a lot of people in the audience as well. We're GONNA have a moment right now of him being able to do that right. And what I don't WanNa to do is mess it up if you know what I mean but it was so informal and so kind of off the cuff again. I know but what I loved about it was. He didn't even bring a guitar. Aw I'll just borrow. He saw like three techs down. How big's the stage the lights like? We need three days guitar. We need them vacuum compact. We need the mess. We need the chew bumps brought in for America. It's just just give me a town. Let's let's go a day from the boundary. We're playing that night..

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