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You know, I'll. But generally I'm not a big straw guy, cocaine with cocaine. It's still useful twenty fourteen weeks thirteen through sixteen Tom Brady was fourteen. Yeah. Prior to that he was QB seven. We in two thousand fifteen weeks thirteen to sixteen Tom Brady QB eight. He was the number one quarterback points per game weeks. Went through twelve before that two thousand sixteen weeks. Thirteen to sixteen Tom Brady was QB nine. He was QB two weeks one through twelve at season last year weeks. Thirteen through sixteen Tom Brady was QB twenty. He was QB four and points per game weeks. One through twelve. So the last four years, whatever Tom Brady has done weeks one through twelve and he's been a top seven quarterback each of those years. He is always been worse in the playoffs from weeks thirteen through sixteen. So the the the week to get into. In the playoffs. You know your or the final week of the regular season in the playoffs. He's been traditionally worse. He's been whether it was QB fort here's his playoff. Finish the last four years twenty fourteen QB fourteen twenty fifteen QB twenty sixteen Cuba nine twenty twenty last year. By the way this year weeks. Thirteen through sixteen three of the four teams to play the patriots were top ten in terms of fewest fantasy points allowed to opposing quarterbacks last season. Now that's last season, but the fact of matter is and I don't know if they go conservative when it gets colder or just because he's older, whatever. But for what? What still QB nine QB suggestion. I'm just I'm all saying is that Tom Brady's production does drop off from the regular season to the fan. Gonna tell ya whatever reason can't tell ya please because we couldn't the seas by thanksgiving rear that may be it. Yeah. Maybe he doesn't need to try and December fuck every better, Tom Brady, but that's why he's one so draft. He's the goat and by the way the team's going to be a little bit worse. This year, there's little. Competition AFC maybe maybe December matter. Finally, for the patriots east may because the east that they said that every year who in the eat like seriously, Buffalo's a dumpster fire the jets who knows what's going on with them all into Sam darnold buzz. It's there's a lotta jets fans for retweeting, the the jet that darnold looks great and scrimmage, tweet us or second in the AFC east. Yeah. Now we're going to mean they're going to be second by like being, you know, six and ten, the greater the nine, the greatest bet and football this year. The pats might at six hundred two when they ABC's. Yeah. I mean, that's the odds of them not winning. I don't even know what would have to happen other than like a bus crash or something like that. There's they have so much more talent than everyone else in the it's unbelievable. Yeah, all those teams are. Do you are you proponent? I guess we can wrap up some very proponent of the back in offense. We have a guy in the league and was sow co Hearst who every year just goes. All in an offense, but now we've figured it out. So when he gets the quarterback receiver, we just the other guy so he can't do it. But are you a believer and I love this offense. I'm just grabbing as many as I can. I don't have an issue. I don't have an issue that I'm not a big believer in any one particular strategy. I'm always like let the drafter auction come to me. That's me too. So if there is so, I mean, there's certainly there's an offense that I really like. Like if I think you know like this is the the patriots year or whatever the eagles. Right. You know, like the eagles. Great offense. Right. And you're just like, so I don't have a problem with like at the time when it comes to take Wentz or or Erz. I'm good with all that, but I wouldn't like I wouldn't bypass a good player. I wouldn't bypass gronk because I gotta get Erz because I'm going all in on the eagles offense. You know what I mean?.

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