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The shut down and don't look at because it's like whatever air quote like bad is so really that's just like a legacy burden that we don't need to like invest that much in because when i'm trying to look at like what stigma is for me with this and i'm like where did it come from like why do i do not want to look at it why because it just feels like sad and like but really it's just like a human condition that we need to look at him really just like fluttering i don't really know i don't even know what i'm like really saying i just she's just such a topic i mean i think that's what a lot of people struggle with of they have thoughts inside that they don't always know exactly where they come from or why they feel them but i think the fact that you're talking about them and the fact that we're talking about this right now i hope that they're going to be people who are listening here who are going to say you know what my friend they were using some words that make me concerned about them maybe i was using language that was pushing them away how can i go have a conversation right now that will let them know that i'm there i'm there to listen to them you know the next time someone hear someone say something that maybe they are thinking about suicide that you can actually explore that rather than walkaway or get nervous or turnaround a difference i do i'm like i hope i just feel like i hope i haven't done that like in my life i feel like the idea like closing down or kind of like running away from that conversation i feel like that comes more naturally than leaning in and i think that is a pretty big indicator of like i'm pretty easy to talk about things and this one is like very uncomfortable the idea of suicide and we really do need to change it because it's like she's opioid level of epidemic and i think that it's just not talking about it doesn't make it go away it doesn't and i i don't think i actually shared the statistics on the l t q community which are even more heartbreaking i told you that suicide the public health crisis we talked about how it's worse for young people it's the second leading cause of death gay lesbian bisexual young people are more than four times likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers we don't yet have good data on transgender non conforming youth but we expect that they're much higher and beckley because like the cdc isn't allowed to do like any sort of like research on it because of like who's the president right now it's not specific who do we hate you're trying to teach you stuff as little learn well there is a lot that needs to be done so we actually just got sexual orientation questions added to this federal instrument that is administered by the cdc actually it's called the youth risk behavior survey and so the trevor project and some other groups advocating for a long time that's why we have this data data sometimes sounds wonky or you know technical but it's so important we've also been advocating for gender identity and we're hoping that there's going to be some data coming out about that the trevor project is also undergoing its own research because this is so important for the community to knows we've invested in research ourselves and we hope we can share some of that data later as well which will be really powerful his it been really difficult for the trevor project to navigate like this administration and like where the pendulum of like social you know there's always that social pendulum like his it's been like really difficult or did you feel like you already had well oiled enough machine kind of before this to continue like trevor project like nicely whatever administration is going on i mean we will continue no matter who is president or who is an elected official but it has been really challenging the day after the presidential election in two thousand sixteen our call volume more than doubled in a twenty four period of time which just heartbreaking.

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