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But I don't know if that really has president to be done before. So I don't know about that. But. I mean at the end of the day, north at least he tried to make the fighting on saying, but right now, we won't be gin and twenty eight teen tennis copper, probably be fighting e cabin Laskaris or kill brook in, and we already know that man down biting Sean. That guy and Sean, Puerto is WBZ champion of the world. He'll be fighting Sean Puerto in a location. I believe in September. So, honestly. Yeah. But may I thank Bob kind of Saudi stuff in the football star that forty five percent. I think the first proposal should've been fifty percent or or but defiant, forty five in, in their favorite, just to try to those a number out there that, you know, you might not get, but, you know, the well, you might not give, but you can ask for, and you start negotiating from there just like any. Edgy said a don't cut them the million for for me to come back to you K by AJ. So it's no different man star high. Try to me somewhere middle. Bob opinion, kind of step in the foot with this kind of proposal just because of you kinda showing your hand right there. You know, saying you don't you don't think guy deserves a fair right down the middle split, which is was Spence in my opinion he does. But I guess Bob in doing longer than I have. So, yeah, that's pretty much my thoughts on the man. I think I think it's not a bad starting point. But could have been better if I was in the negotiating room. I just went lead tip. Kind of for basically you would've sent the forty five percent off I wouldn't leave ten percent unaccounted, for, no, sir. So you would've allocated Sasol once a one side air be no either, put it down the middle or you come with that high ground for. Hey, i'm. Forty five percent and me cropper gonna take a five percent. We are on the bigger platform. We're able to post this payment view two more homes. We can make this a really, really super duper fight. If you guys know Santa loud, and then fifty five percent probably most or a little bit less net. So what happened if in the middle of that little conversation, they'd just say something like? Well, you just had a mere con on this platform, and you didn't make it real big the way you're claiming you're gonna make this fight real big. I would tell them. Okay. Look at the okay, we got America guy who's not from this country, but he is a very popular boxer that everybody knows he got not Garcia. So it does have some credits in this American public. But he lost to then Garcia. And for our purposes we all think that parents offer is a better fighter than Danny Garcia. So when I got in the rain with each other, we all Crawford to get him out of there now with a guy like Earl Spencer, did a tremendous amount of paper views with Mike Garcia, we can pick it back off that on saying and, and really combined the two he had. Oh, I didn't mean in Rupp. That's why originally I mean, yeah I hand up. I didn't want to verbally rub. That's why I just wanted you to know I had a point I was just gonna say so like. I don't think that they should say anything like fifty five forty five we got the bigger platform, because he's already had two failing pay per view. But now on ESPN one was HBO HBO's for all. And at this small Brenda thing is man, like, you know, you wear your Crawford heart on your sleeve, and it's like now you're excuses, like, oh, one's on HBO ones on ESPN, and you do understand that both of those networks are the biggest networks for boxing. Yes. I do. And he failed on both big. I gave me my reasons..

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