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Face and western politics is not very Neither open nor used to listening it story from an outsider whereas we are electric or middle eastern countries are required us to that so yup a now. I'm seeing people are more and more talking about how to the country which is a tragic fact for me because now i wrote a new book. I want to say chuck chuck we get depressed. And then now i have that will cheer you up not cheating not cheering up a one thing. I noticed actually tries to be only few days. That book was published but several people talked about it. And i i read reviews and so funny. Actually it's kinda strange. How to lose a country invigorated people more. Because it was something was alarming. Let's say but then this is as we said in the beginning. It's asking for something from people so everybody not many people. I felt like they are like muted. I is this political book. it's Maybe not looks like a south book because it's yellow yellow and what is it. What do you want from us. And so on so. I am very interesting situation. Nowadays 'em i want people. I will the sooner than two years as it happened in how to lose a country to realize that this is the new politics. The new politics will be about emotions because as we know. We know all these authoritarian leaders right lingers instill on how being doing a lot of politics of emotions that they were playing on emotion so i think progressive politics should be also consider should also consider the thing and talk about emotions as well. We shouldn't be. We shouldn't be Sh we should shy weighing ferment. I wanted to write him those words. We generally shy away from as people like love pave. Those thanks but practical programs our government but but but actually talking about by the motions On the book.

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